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Washington Blade: Va. lawmaker reintroduces bill to ban conversion therapy Print


Created:  Tuesday, January 12, 2016  9:36AM


A Virginia lawmaker has reintroduced a bill that would ban so-called conversion therapy to minors in the commonwealth.

State Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington County) earlier this month introduced House Bill 427.

"As hearts and minds on the issue continue to evolve, we gain more and more of an understanding," Hope told the Washington Blade on Monday in an email. "With that comes acceptance that being homosexual is not a mental illness or a sin. There's no on or off switch and I believe we are getting closer and closer to recognizing that conversion therapy is nothing more than a hoax on the consumer. One day we'll look back on this the same way we view lobotomies or sterilizations."

Virginia lawmakers last year killed bills that would have banned the controversial practice.

D.C., California, Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon have banned conversion therapy to minors.

A New Jersey jury last summer found a group that promoted the controversial practice guilty of committing consumer fraud under state law.

The Obama administration in April 2015 indicated its support of conversion therapy bans. The White House reiterated this position last fall in a report on LGBT youth it released.