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Arlington Snapshot: ‘Breaking the Box’ Print


CREATED:  Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Del. Patrick Hope (D-47) answers questions about Virginia's solitary confinement of prisoners after the film "Breaking the Box" at Rock Spring UCC on June 23. Hope told the audience he doesn't want to lose sight of the progress that has been made in recent years in Virginia where solitary confinement has been reduced at Red Onion State Prison by 62 percent from 468 prisoners to 179. Still he said, "I am concerned about the 30 percent still in solitary confinement — who they are, their circumstances and what we can do." Hope urged the audience to let their legislators know about their concerns. He broadened his comments beyond prisons to the jails. "We have no idea what goes on in the jails. The sheriffs run them and we don't know. This is another issue. I'm disturbed."