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House Subcommittee Votes Out Immigration Bills Print

Delegate Hope Opposes Measures Targeted at Immigrants

Richmond – Late last week, the House Courts of Justice Subcommittee on Immigration voted along party-lines to clear a series of legislative initiatives targeted at Virginia’s illegal immigrant population.  The full Committee is poised to recommend the measures to the House floor this week.

“These proposals basically fall into two categories: bills that will add an undue burden and unfunded mandate on business and law enforcement, and the rest are just a meaningless restatement of federal immigration law.”  Delegate Hope added, “But what they all have in common is they are message bills.  And that message is very simple: if you are an illegal immigrant, we don't want you in Virginia.”

Delegate Hope concluded, “The politics of blame is on full display this week in Virginia’s Capitol.  Immigrants are to blame for Virginia's poor economy, high unemployment, overcrowding in schools, and every other problem facing our Commonwealth.  I'm surprised they didn't blame immigrants for last week's snowfall.  It's a ridiculous blame game and is just plain wrong.”

Patrick A. Hope is a Member of the Virginia General Assembly as the Delegate from the 47th District representing part of Arlington County.  He serves on the House Courts of Justice Committee and House Health, Welfare, and Institutions Committee.


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