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Sun Gazette: Lawmakers Garner Kudos On Votes for Environment Print

BY Scott McCaffrey, Staff Writer

Created:  Monday, June 20, 2011 11:10AM


All four members of the House of Delegates delegation from Arlington have scored a perfect "100" rating from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, while the county's two state senators scored above the average recorded in their body.

Dels. Bob Brink (D-48th), Adam Ebbin (D-49th), David Englin (D-45th) and Patrick Hope (D-47th) were among 25 members of the House of Delegates - all Democrats - who voted completely in line with positions of the conservation group during the 2011 General Assembly session, according to a new ranking put out by the organization.

Not surprisingly, given their constituencies, local legislators trumpeted the rankings:

• "I'm fully committed to protecting Virginia's environment, ensuring clean air, clean water and investing in a clean energy future," Hope said.

• "I want my son's generation to be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat the fish they catch and grow up healthy and strong in a world free from the threat of global warming and destructive climate change," Englin said.

The average score among all 100 members of the lower house was 61. The lowest scores were turned in by nine Republicans, who each received ratings of 33.

On the Senate side, the average rating was 74, and nine senators (all Democrats) received perfect 100 scores.

State Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple (D-31st) garnered a rating of 91, while state Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-30th) received a score of 82. Whipple and Ticer each are retiring at the end of the year.

State Sen. Janet Howell (D-32nd), whose district picked up parts of Arlington as part of the 2011 redistricting process, was among senators scoring a 100 on the rating scale.

The lowest Senate score went to Sen. Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg), rated at 36. Three other Republicans scored a 38.

The Virginia League of Conservation Voters is among any number of organizations that rate legislators based on votes taken during the General Assembly session. Its full scorecard can be found on the Web site at www.valcv.org.