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Sun Gazette: County Board Makes Appointments to Advisory Commissions Print

BY Scott McCaffrey

Created:  Friday, October 21, 2011 11:45 am

County Board members on Oct. 18 made the following appointments to local boards and commissions:

– Commission on Long-Term-Care Residences: Appointed John Graykowski. Commission on Aging: Reappointed Del. Patrick Hope. Commission on the Status of Women: Appointed Lizabeth Czepiel and Krysta Jones. Community Services Board: Appointed Keith Whyte. Economic Development Commission: Reappointed Bryant Monroe. Fire Trial Board: Appointed Mike Staples. Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board: Appointed Mark Turnbull. Planning Commission: Appointed Christopher Forinash and Karen Kumm Morris. Police Trial Board: Appointed Raymond Harp and reappointed Williams Rhodes and Jesse Porter Jr., and designated Rhodes as chairman.
- Public Facilities Review Committee: Reappointed Charles Monfort. Urban Forestry Commission: Reappointed Steven Campbell and Ed Hilz. Advisory Board on Trespass Vehicle Towing: Appointed Sgt. David Green and reappointed Capt. David Herbstreit, Nancy Iacomini, Al Leach, John O’Neill, Matthew Owens, Fred Scheler as voting members; appointed Matt Hussman and reappointed Charles Clohan, Joey Katzen, Bruce MacQueen and Ralph Wilcher as non-voting members. Aquatics Subcommittee of Sports Commission: Appointed Henry Adams Ickes.