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Sun Gazette: Highs & Lows, 5/24/12 Edition Print


Created:  Wednesday, March 24, 2012  10:00AM

Our editorial page view on the local scene:

THUMBS UP: To the quiet diplomacy of the Arlington delegation to the General Assembly, which helped convince Republicans in Richmond to support two new Circuit Court judges for our area.

Arlington's Democrats, led by Del. Patrick Hope, successfully made the case that the 17th Circuit (including Arlington and the city of Falls Church) was in need of jurists to take the place of the retired James Almand and the retiring Joanne Alper.

With the help of Republicans in the legislature, they managed to get both Dan Fiore and Louise DiMatteo elected to eight-year terms on the bench, beginning on July 1.

Victories for Arlington in Richmond are rare, but when people of different political philosophies work together to find common ground, the outcome can be positive. Kudos.