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Lose The Training Wheels™ Comes To Arlington Helping Children with Disabilities Learn to Ride a Bike Print

NR 2012-10

For Immediate Release

August 3, 2012

Lose The Training Wheels™ Comes To Arlington Helping

Children with Disabilities Learn to Ride a Bike

Arlington, VA - Delegate Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington) participated in the graduation ceremonies today for Lose The Training Wheels™ at Kenmore Middle School.  The mission of Lose The Training Wheels™ is to teach individuals with disabilities, such as autism, Down Syndrome and other disabilities, to ride a conventional two wheel bicycle and become life-long independent riders. This achievement, in turn, creates a gateway of opportunity, helping them gain assurance and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives.

Delegate Hope said, “Who wouldn’t want the freedom to ride their bikes, play with their friends, and the confidence and self-esteem to accomplish a major milestone in their lives.  These are things many of us take for granted.” Delegate Hope continued, “Lose The Training Wheels™ gives children with disabilities a brand new world. I’m so honored to be part of this important day.”

Lose The Training Wheels™ would not be possible in Arlington without the strong support of Arlington County’s Parks and Recreation Department.  Michael W. Swisher, Therapeutic Recreation Programmer, said, “I often refer to this as 'the coolest camp in the world'. Where else can you honestly say that you've changed a child's life - in less than a week? Lose The Training Wheels™ gives them a chance to level the playing field. Many kids with disabilities won't be able to many activities alongside typically-developing peers, or family members, but if we can teach them to ride a bike, all of a sudden they can keep up with anyone! In addition to that, we're giving them the gift of exercise, transportation, and just plain fun.”

Patrick A. Hope is a Member of the Virginia General Assembly as the Delegate from the 47th District representing part of Arlington County.  He serves on the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee and House Health, Welfare, and Institutions Committee.


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Delegate Patrick Hope

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