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Visitors to the 47th District Richmond Office PDF Print E-mail




2.14.19 Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University, came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda. 


2.14.19 The Virginia Horse Council came by to discuss the Annual Legislative Trail Ride. 


2.7.19 Sue Mosher from Indivisible Arlington and representatives from CASA came to discuss their post-crossover priorities.


2.7.19 Angela Dickey and friend from the Arlington Tree Action Group came to discuss their 2019 Legislative Priorities.


2.7.19 David Barton and Dr.Lisa Monaco from the Virginia AeroSpace Business Association came down for NASA Day here at the Capitol.


2.7.19 Marlysha Liddell, who is the Social Action Chair for the Nu Xi Zeta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and friend representing Alexandria and Arlington came to celebrate Zeta Day at the Capitol.



2.7.19 Alice Hogan, constituent and mother of Senate Page Helen Boucher, was visiting Thomas Jefferson's Capitol. 


2.6.19 Maxine Olson, Rachel Waldstein, Alex Kagy, and Ira Bartfield came by to discuss the Virginia Jewish Communities 2019 Legislative Agenda.


2.6.19 Aaron Anseeuw and John Milliken from the Virginia Maritime Association came to thank the members for their support of Virginia's Maritime Industry and the Port of Virginia.


2.6.19 Meredith Gray from Dominion Energy came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


2.4.19 Representatives from Moms Demand Action to discuss their 2019 Legisative Agenda. 


2.4.19 Paul and Suzanne Nolan came by to discuss the needs inthe disability community.


1.31.19 Just Future Project members Marilyn McCarty, Bernida Thompson, Kirsten Darby, Garnett Robins-Baughman, and Joshlyn Chenault came by to discuss HB2763 and other legislation.


1.31.19 Karen McElfish and Kenn Speicher from the United Methodist Church to discuss strengthening Virginia's Laws against Wage Theft.


1.31.19 Natalie Roisman and Kassi Yukerich from Emerge VA came to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


1.31.19 Constituent Michael Garcia from the National Association of Insurance and Financal Advisors of Virginia came to discuss HB1987.


1.31.19 Mara Surovell and constituent Helen Boucher came by to talk about their amazing experience as Senate Pages.




1.31.19 Constituent Natalie Roy and 2 colleagues from the Virginia Realtor came to discuss expanding health insurance options for realtors and small businesses.


1.30.18 Representatives from the ARC of Virginia came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


1.30.18 Representatives from the ARC of Virginia came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


1.30.19 The Medical Society of Virginia came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


1.30.19 Marcus Sanchez came by to discuss conservation issues.


1.30.19 Dr.Bill Fox from the Medical Society of Virginia came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative Agenda.


1.29.18 Representatives from Virginia Clean Cities came by to discuss their 2019 Clean Fuel Policy Agenda.


1.29.18 Representatives from Virginia 512 came to discuss their 2019 Legislative Priorities. 


1.28.19 Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Executive Director, Marty Kilgore, and two Y Street Volunteers came to show their support for HB2384, a bill to make schools tobacco and e-cigarette- free.


1.28.19 Members of the Virginia Education Association and Arlington Education Association came by to discuss Public School employee salary raises.


1.24.19 Emgage Action came by to discuss HB 2597 which would mandate reporting hate crimes.


1.24.19 Larry Bright, member of Solar United Neighbors, came by to discuss the key principles to expand solar energy in Virginia.


1.24.19 Isaiah Calfee, Jacek Zavora, and Ryan Miller came by to lobby for HB 1896.


1.23.19 Donna Budway and the ARC of Northern Virginia group came by to discuss disability issues.


1.23.19 Anne Herman, chair of the Arlington County CSB, came to discuss their 2019 legislative agenda.


1.23.19 Members from the Model General Assembly came by to discuss lobbying.


1.22.19 John Halverson and others from the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia came by to discuss their support for the Governor's budget proposal for increased funds for DBVI.


1.22.19 The Department of Corrections came by to discuss their 2019 legislative agenda.


1.22.19  The Virginia Interfaith Center came by to discuss gun regulations.


1.22.19 Virginia Smoke Free Association came by to discuss their 2019 legislative agenda.


1.21.19 John Horejsi and Robert Stewart from (SALT) Social Action Linking Together stopped by to talk about HB 2384.


1.21.19 Grace Steger and the Heritage High School Beekeeping Club from Lynchburg came by to advocate for HB1896, to make the European Honey Bee the Official Pollinator of Virginia. 


1.21.19  April Siruno and Jaden Aponte from the NAFFAA came by to discuss their organization's 2019 legislative goals. 


1.21.19 Representatives from the New Virginia Majority came to discuss opportunities for immigrant families. 


1.21.19 Representatives from the Virginia Citizens Defense Fund came by to discuss their 2019 Legislative agenda. 


1.21.19 Benjamin Hubbert, William Hubbert, and Miriam Goldstein from the Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area came by to discuss their support for bills HB 2515 and SB 1596 that will help patients control out-of-pocket medication costs. 


1.18.19 Representatives from the Northern Virginia Dental Society cam by to discuss their 2019 Legislation.


1.17.19 Representatives from the March of Dimes came to talk about how their organization is a champion for families, focusing on communities with the greatest need and fighting for the best possible care for all moms and babies.


1.17.19 Representatives from VACOLAO came to talk about driver privilege cards, in-state tuition for immigrant students, and employment and labor bills that combat wage theft.


1.17.19 Miazha Deans came to talk about HB 2384, involving public schools and tobacco/ vape use.


1.17.19 American Academy of Pediatrics talking about their priorities including food insecurity and obesity.


1.17.19 Indivisible Virginia came in to talk about their 2019 legislative platform.



1.16.19 Members of the Virginia Credit Union League came to discuss Credit Union Policies.


1.16.19 Arlington Firefighters of the Arlington Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association to discuss 2019 legislation.


1.16.19 Sara Anderson with the AAUW came to discuss the Virginia becoming the 38th state to pass the ERA.


1.16.19 Tom Greeson and Basim Khan came by to talk about Virginia's Healthcare Safety Net. 


1.16.19 Our friends from the Arlington Free Clinic came by to show their support. 


1.15.19 John Boyer who is a member of the Braddock district Democratic Committee, Natalie Pien, and friend stopped by to discuss Solar Freedom Bills and the Northern Virginia Climate Coalition. 


1.15.19 Take Action Virginia group stopped by to talk about their Five Joint Priorities for Worker Justice.



1.14.19 Sofia Sami, Arlington constituent, and friends stopped by on behalf of the Women's Equality Coalition.


1.09.19 Manju, Lynn, Sofia, Julia, Zara, Nyla, and Anna, constituents, came to visit to show their support for the ERA. 


1.09.19 Matthew Reed, Wolfpac VA, stopped by to discuss fixing our broken campaign financing system. 



2.19.2018 Andrew Parker, Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, stopped by to discuss HB88 with Delegate Hope.




2.15.2018 Meredith Gray, Dominion Energy, stopped by the General Assembly to introduce herself to Delegate Hope.




2.13.2018 Donna Budway and members of The Arc of Virginia visited the Richmond office today to introduce themselves and to tour the Capitol!




2.13.2018 Amy Yenyo and Dennis Findley stopped by representing The Arc of Virginia to discuss their 2018 legislative priorities to include addressing the Priority 1 urgent waiver waiting list and furthering inclusive education.




2.8.2018 Members from Indivisible Arlington visited Delegate Hope to discuss thier 2018 legislative priorities.




2.8.2018 Michael Garcia from State Farm Insurance to visit and discuss implications of the 2018 General Assembly session on the insurance industry of Virginia as well as to discuss the National Association of Insurance and Finanical Advisors (NAIFA) 2018 legislative priorities.




2.6.2018 RJ Fraas and Tammy Mckinley came in to visit with Delegate Hope to discuss Medicaid restrictions on licensed midwives. 




2.2.2018 Steve Baker from ACDC stopped by to visit with Arlington delegation and other members whose campaign he has worked on.




2.1.2018 Joe Broncoli, Gary Klinger, Kenn Spelcher, and Karen McElfish from the United Methodist Church stopped by to visit Delegate Hope and talk about their 2018 legislative priorities which includes Medicaid expansion. 




1.31.2018 Dorris Ray, Tanner Holt, Alexa Mavroidis and Lydia Farrell from ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia, Inc. stopped by to disucss their 2018 legislative priorities focused around the intergration and inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.




1.31.2018 Jeanne Trabulsi, Rosalie Smith-Juhl, and Lynn Juhl with VA Education Association and the Arlington Retired Teachers Association visited Delegate Hope this morning for their lobby day. 




1.30.2018 Nancy Butt Packard, constituent, stopped by to discuss dyslexia and HB1265.




1.30.2018 Sally Lamb, Sue Alvis, and Sandy Hoyer from the Virginia Horse Council stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope and to discuss legislation for the 2018 General Assembly session.




1.30.2018 Lisa DeFerrari and Sherri Taylor from the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation stopped by the office today to advocate for breast cancer awareness.



1.30.2018 Constituent, Kathryn Young, and the SEIU visited the General Assembly building today to discuss their 2018 legislative priorities.  




1.30.2018 Beth Mitchell, Robert Brodell, Samara Weinstein, and Karen Menichelli from the Jewish Community Relations Council came by to discuss their 2018 priorities including medicaid expansion, immigration, and combating bias and hatred to foster a Commonwealth that is safe and welcoming to all residents.




1.29.2018 Mahender Dudeni, from the Arlington County PTA, and David Edelman, from the Fairfax PTA, came by for their PTA lobby day




1.26.2018 Mary Knox from Arlington stopped by this morning to discuss ERA issues.




1.25.2018 Gavin Ho (Georgetown University School of Medicine), Patricia Clark, MD. (Primary Care IM/Pediatrics), Krupal Shah (INOVA), Stuart Henochowicz, MD. (ACP, Virginia Chapter), and William Fox, MD. (American College of Physicians, Virginia Chapter) stopped by to discuss various legislature for the 2018 General Assembly session. The American College of Physicians and MSV are extremely concerned about HB 793 granting a pathway to independent practice for nurse practitioners. 




1.25.2018 The Equal Rights Coalition visited today and are celebrating the fantastic energy of the 2018 General Assembly Session!




1.24.2018 Kate Bates (president of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce), John Vihstadt (Arlington County Board), Brian Gordon (Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitian Washington (AOBA) and Arlington Chamber of Commerce), and Bishmah Ahmed (AOBA) stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope for Chamber Day.




1.24.2018 Representatives from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University stopped by the Generel Assembly building to discuss the 2018 session.




1.24.2018 Kelly Smith from the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group stopped by to discuss HB1276 - Authorizing a Federal Truck Weight Pilot Program. 




1.23.2018 OneVirginia2021 and Virginia Interfaith Center joined together for a meeting at the General Assembly. 




1.23.2018 OneVirginia2021 stopped by to discuss redistricting reform.




1.23.2018 Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy came by to voice their support for issues including healthcare expansion and increasing the felony threshold. 



1.22.2018 Charles Summers, Lucretia Farago, and Kim Bobo from Virginia Interfaith Center came in to share their support of HB259 and HB1259. 




1.18.2018 Students from George Mason, Rebecca Dooley, Veronica Lewis, Jamie Thomas, and Adam Grochall stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope and they were anticipating great successes of the 2018 session. 




1.17.2018 Members of Virginia's American Physical Therapy Assocation: Mark Bouziane, Geoff Gunther, and Tom Bohanon came in to discuss the opiod epidemic and the policy fixes that they support. 




1.17.2018 Anne Hermann and Adele McClure from Arlington Community Service Boards came by the Richmond office to discuss 2018-2020 budget priorities with regards to STEP-VA, Medicaid Expansion, and developmental disabilities waivers.




1.18.2018 Rhonda Thissen (NAMI Virginia), Bruce Cruser (Mental Health America), Melissa Charnes Gibson and Colleen Miller (disAbility Law Center of Virginia) came by to speak with Delegate Hope today to discuss mental health legislature.   




1.16.2018 Nancy Yeager, constituent of the 47th district, Deborah Gardner, Derek Manners, constituent of the 47th district, and Cordie Fowler (not pictured) came in to discuss the National Federation of the Blind's 2018 priorities with regards to bills focused around people with disabilities this session. 




1.15.2018 Venus Welch-White, Malachi White, Taylor Welch, and Michael White came in to visit with Delegate Hope. 




1.15.2018 Gerry Laporte and Mary Jo Johnson from Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church stopped by this afternoon to speak with the delegate about gun violence.




1.15.2018 Christine Stencel, constituent of the 47th district and Albert Nekimken and Mary Kordick from the Unitarian Congregation of Fairfax stopped by to speak with Delegate Hope this afternoon.




1.15.2018 Kathy Scheimer, Carol Reeder, and John Reeder from NOVA Catholic stopped by to visit Delegate Hope today.




1.15.2018 Valerie Slater from Rise for Youth and Liz Ryan from Youth First Initiative came in today to introduce themselves to Delegate Hope and to speak about juvenile justice.




1.15.2018 Hannah Karlin and Grace Henshall, students from HB Woodlawn, came in to meet with Delegate Hope and to view Grace's artwork in the General Assembly Building.




1.15.2018 Members of the New Virginia Majority stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope to discuss 2018 priorities.



1.15.2018  Bruce Neilson, Robert Stewart, and John Horejsi from Social Action Linking Together (SALT) stopped by to speak with Delegate Hope about their 2018 legislative priorities, including their number one priority: HB50 ending school lunch shaming - introduced by Delegate Hope. 



1.15.2018  Miriam Goldstein, Will Hubbert, and Ben Hubbert visited Delegate Hope's office today to discuss Hemophilia issues and step therapy.



1.15.2018  David Morefield, constituent, and several others from the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. came in to speak about gun initiatives.




2.17.2017 While working as a House Page, Delaney Hartgen from Arlington was able to see Delegate Hope and share some of her experiences.


2.1.2017 Advocates for the Endependence Center visit the General Assembly in Richmond.



1.31.2017  Chloe Chin, Sara Jane Owens and Donna Owens visiting the General Assembly for dyselexia issues.



1.31.2017 Chase and Debby Davis came to Richmond for Dyselexia Day.



1.24.2017 Carla de la Pava, Arlington Treasurer, and her staff visited in Richmond.



1.24.2017 Arlington County Medical Society stopped by the General Assembly.


1.23.2017 Elinor Schwartz and advocates from the NVCT spoke with Delegate Hope.



1.22.2017 Teachers Mercedes Dean and April Sommer with Librarian Jen Stacy from Patrick Henry elementary stopped by on VEA Day.


1.23.2017 Robert Keller from Arlington representing the Virginia Conservation Network on enviromental issues.



1.23.2017 VEA Day at the General Assembly and teachers from Patrick Henry Elementary School



1.18.2017 Don Bailer was joined by Public Safety Officers from around the Commonwealth to lobby in Richmond today on behalf of all Correctional Officers.



1.18.2017 Andres Tobar was advocating today in Richmond for the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations.



1.18.2017 Model General Assembly students Brooke Tanner and Martha Stevens from Bishop O'Connel High School visit Richmond today.


1.18.17 HB Woodlawn student, Gigi Ebert, paid a visit to Delegate Hope and posed with her photograph which is on display on 7 West for Model General Assembly Day.



1.18.2017 Arlington students Wisam Mustasa from Wakefield and Erin Claeys from HB Woodlawn are in Richmond today for Model General Assembly Day.


1.18.2017 Nancy White, Executive Director for Arlington Free Clinic stopped by to talk about preserving funding for Virginia's health care safety net.



1.17.17 Arthur Ginsberg, President and CEO of Community Residences, Inc and a member of Leadership Arlington stopped by to talk about legislative priorties for 2017.


1.17.17 Charlie Brown brought a group of advocates to visit with Delegate Hope and others in Richmond.



1.16.17 Arlington AYD Officers Maggie Davis, Ja'el Daniely, and Melissa Howard stop by the chat about the 2017 Legislative Session.


1.16.17 Miriam Goldstein, Senior Policy Analyst with Hemophilia Federation of America with Benjamin and Will Hubbert discussed issues and legislation with Delegate Hope.



1.16.17 Folks from Virginia New Majority were at the Capitol today calling on various legislators.


1.12.16 Constituents from VA-47 and employees of Capital One - including Katie Smith, Shweta Patwardhan, Amanda Johnson, Kilian Suchocki, Amy Solomon, Cameron Barnes, and Andre Aganbi - were in Richmond for Banker's Day.





2.24.16  Andie Breslen, Kelsey Guth, Alexandria Wahlberg, and Shelby Sontine from the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics met with Delegate Hope during their visit to the Capitol.




2.23.16  Barbara Hazelett, John Horejsi, and Bob Stewart from SALT (Social Action Linking Together) stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope.




2.19.16  Visiting Thomas Jefferson's Capitol, the Arlington Puppy Caucus includes "Bandit" Stanford from the 49th District, "Teddy" Weinstein from the 48th District, and "Chelsea" Dooley from the 47th District. 




2.18.16  Constituent and Swanson student, Addison Sharp and his father David, who teaches at Wakefield High School, are visiting today to advocate for the Virginia STEAM (Science Technology Engineering and Applied Mathematics) Academy mission and opportunities for students across the Commonwealth. 




2.12.16  Delegate Hope met with Libby Garvey and John Vihstadt, members of the Arlington County Board, during their visit to Richmond.




2.9.16  Delegate Hope met with Delegate Mark Levine, Arlington Sheriff, Beth Arthur, and Chief Deputy Paul Larson.




2.9.16  The Arlington Medical Society stopped by to visit with Delgate Hope.




2.9.16  The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) stopped by to meet with Delegate Hope.




2.4.16   Former State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple joined Dr. Jeffrey DiLisi, Allison Cater, and Sarah McBride from the Virginia Hospital Center to meet with Delegate Hope.




2.4.16  Bob Adamson, and others from the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, stopped by the Delegate's office during their Lobby Day.




2.4.16  Dr. Bill Fox and Dr. Michael Rein from the University of Virginia, and students from Georgetown University (four 4th year students and one 3rd year) stopped by Delegate Hope's office to discuss COPN regulations and the preservation of team-based patient care.




2.4.16  Delegate Hope met with Lisa DeFerrari, Board of Directors for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation.




2.4.16  Delegate Hope met with constituent Dr. Karen McElfish during her visit to the Capitol.





2.4.16  Emily Sutherland, a student at Virginia Tech, stopped by to meet with Delegate Hope.




2.3.16  Joan Arsenault, a constituent, stopped by Delegate Hope's office to discuss pro-choice legislation.




2.3.16  Delegate Hope met with Marilyn Falksen and Becky Gaul, Arlington residents and lobbyists for AAVW Falls Church. The AAVW  Action Fund advances equity for women and girls.




2.3.16  The Virginia Conservation Network stopped by to meet with Delegate Hope during their 2016 Conservation Lobby Day to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.




2.3.16  Delegate Hope met with NASA to discuss aerospace legislation.




2.2.16  The Jewish Community Relations Council stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope.




2.1.16  The Arc of Northern Viginia met with Delegate Hope to advocate for the human rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 




1.28.16 Delegate Hope met with Ruth Twiggs to discuss legislation on the shackling of pregnant women in prisons.




1.28.16  Emily Cassell, director of Arlington Economic Delvelpmeand, Greg Miller, and Tom Gates from B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group stopped by to meet with Delegate Hope.




1.21.16 Delegate Hope met with Dr. Marissa Levine, State Health Commissioner, and Joe Hilbert, Director of Governmental and Regulatory Affairs.




1.21.16  Heather and Christian Kane, March of Dimes volunteers, stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope to discuss smoking secession.




1.20.16  Anne Murphy and Kate Sinkins from the Virginia Interfaith Policy Center stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope.




1.20.16  Delegate Hope met with constituent Wayne Bert from the Virginia Association of Community Services Boards.




1.18.16  Laura Weil, Genie Nguyen, and Anne Delanoy stopped by Delegate Hope's office to discuss 2016 gun legislation.




1.18.16  Delegate Hope met with constituent Paul Daniel Berry from Inter-American Development Bank.




1.18.16  John and Carol Reeder, Kathy Scheimer, and David Mog meet with Delegate Hope to discuss 2016 gun legislation.




1.18.16  Raphaela Eleuterio, Annie Parker, and Melissa Mendell stopped by Delegate Hope's office to discuss 2016 gun legislation.




1.18.16  Shreya Papneja, CEO and founder of Children's Health Awareness Program in Schools, met with Delegate Hope to discuss her organization. CHAPS is an initiative that aims to enable and empower children to make healthier choices for themselves through education, awareness and practice.




1.18.16  Delegate Hope visited with constituent Jarrod Nagurka.




1.18.16  Delegate Hope met with Danny and Christine Boes and David Moorefield to discuss 2016 gun legislation.




1.18.16  Miriam Goldstein of the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation and Will Hubbert meet with Delegate Hope to discuss HB 702, a bill that would prohibit discriminatory use of specialty tiers by health insurers.




1.14.16  Dan Dennison from the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Service Organizations stopped by to meet with Delegate Hope.




1.14.16  Delegate Hope met with Dr. Elizabeth Berendt from the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists






2.05.15  Delegate Hope visited with interns and residents from Georgetown University Hospital.




2.05.15  Dr. Karen McElfish stopped by Delegate Hope's office for United Methodist Day.




2.05.15  Doctors Bill Fox, Liem Tran, Julia Tse, Megan Janni, Manik Aggarwal, and Gordon Simonett stopped by to discuss initiatives of the Medical Society of Virginia; Workers' Compensation Reform, Protection of Liquid Nicotine from children, and Prior Prescription Authorization Reform.




2.05.15  Michael Garcia of State Farm stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope.




2.04.15  Kathleen Scarbalis, from the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants and Pediatric Specialists of Virginia, stopped by with her students from Shenandoah University.




2.03.15  Reverend Aaron McEmrys, MJ Schmelzer, and Tom O'Reilly from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington stopped by to talk about issues concerning the 2015 Session.




2.03.15  Delegate Hope met with Corporal B. Foster, Deputy A. Queen, Sheriff Beth Arthur, and Corporal C. Bhagwandia from the Arlington County Sheriff's Office.




1.28.15  Katie Wethman, Christine Richardson, Pat Buck, and Kevin Connelly stopped by to discuss the 2015 Realtor Legislative Agenda.




1.28.15  Delegate Hope met with Todd Yeatts, Chair-elect, and Kate Roche, President, of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.




1.28.15  Tom Greeson with Reed Smith LLP, and Richard Shinn of the Virginia Community Healthcare Association meet with Delegate Hope.




1.28.15  Delegate Hope visited with Erica Wood and Terri Lynch, advocates for the Northern Virginia Aging Network.




1.27.15  Bob Ramsey, Executive Director of Virginia College of Emergency Physicians and other ER doctors stopped by to talk about Medicaid expansion and other related legislation.




1.27.15  Delegate Hope's visit with Jim Feaster, Joan McDermott, and Laurie Young of the Arlington County Commission on Aging.




1.27.15  (L-R) Robert Lewis Sr., Estelle Baker, Walter Robinson Sr., and Alan Corbett of AARP stopped by Delegate Hope's office for AARP advocacy day.




1.27.15  Delegate Hope visited with Otilio Sabillón and Anne Biedscheid from the Office of the Commissioner of Revenue, County of Arlington.




1.27.15  Treasurers from across the Commonwealth, Kim Rucker, Carla de la Pava, Jody Acosta, and Bonnie J. D. Haynie visit with Delegate Hope.




1.26.15  Delegate Hope's office received visitors from The Arc of Northern Virginia for Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Day.




1.26.15  Phil Posner and Carol Van Hartesveldt from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society visited Delegate Hope's office to discuss MS initiatives.




1.26.15  (L-R) Mike Quinones, Brett Horton, Gina Maglionico, David Geib, and Daniel Duncan from the Young Emerging Labor Leaders of Northern Virginia stopped by Delegate Hope's office.


12415_2   12415


1.26.15  Aldonia Cooper and Laura Larco from the Arlington Education Society were pleased to see their student's artwork on display in Delegate Hope's office.




1.22.15  Delegate Hope visited with Sara Donahue and Emily Jones from the March of Dimes Foundation.




1.22.15  Beth Collins and her daughter Jennifer visited with Delegate Hope to discuss the benefits of medical marijuana for epilepsy.




1.21.15  Delegate Hope visited with Alexa Mavroidis, Brewster Thackeray, and Brianna Gross from the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia.




1.21.15  Marianne Ehrreich and Kelsey Guth, Dietitians from Medical Facilities of America, Inc., stopped by to discuss food safety regulations and the "Breakfast after the Bell" Amendment with Delegate Hope.



Delegate Hope is proud to display artwork from H-B Woodlawn Secondary School's photography classes.

del._hope_student2     student_from_HB_with_class_artwork

Rimjhim Barua, a student from H-B Woodlawn Secondary School, was surprised to see her artwork in the Delegate's office during her visit to the Capitol.



1.21.15  Delegate Hope visits with students from across Arlington.




1.20.15  Delegate Hope with Donald Baylor of the National Coalition of Public Safety Officers, and numerous other safety officers from across the Commonwealth.




1.20.15  Delegate Hope's visit with Charles Brown of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia.




1.20.15   The Virginia Interfaith Council visit with Delegate Hope: Bill Sundwick, Anne Murphy, Laura Dely, Gail Freunsch, and Peg Butner.




1.19.15  Some Arlington Young Democrats came by to visit with Delegate Hope to talk about 2015 initiatives.








7.17.14  Delegate Hope attended the Drug Court Ceremony.




9.12.14  Delegate Hope presenting the Joint Resolution in honor of John C. Youngs.




01.30.2014  Father Tuck Grinnell, Pastor at St Charles Borromeo and Corine Monogue, Director in the Office of Multicultural Ministries for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington stop by to visit with Delegate Hope and talk about pending legislation, state budget issues, healthcare, and the use of the death penalty in Virignia.




1.30.2014  Valentina Lohr, President Evan Glazer, Tarun Prabhala, and Billy Moses from the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology visit with Delegate Hope to talk about the Full-Day Governor's School Budget Amendments for 2014.




01.30.2014  Yana Karass (left) and Christina Brown participants with the JMU Social Work Department Lobby Day stop by to talk about bills before this years General Assembly.



01.30.2014  John Horejsi and friends from SALT visit today to testify on HB414 on prison phone regulations with Delegate Hope.



01.29.2014  Rich Doud, Kevin Shooshan, Nick Sposa, Kate Roche, and Tim Hughes for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce visit Richmond to talk about 2013 accomplishments and upcoming legislative initiatives for 2014.



01.29.2014  Sandy Castro and other members of the Arlington County Medical Society visit with Delegate Hope as part of White Coat Day.




01.29.2014  Patrick MacDonnell, Katie Wilson, Hannah Bondurant, and Rachel Deitch, University of Virginia students visit the General Assembly to work on HB206 wtih Delegate Hope. 



1.28.2014  Campbell Safian, Carlos Pinto, Kathleen Herrlein, Sissy Davis, and Tremaine Scott visit Thomas Jefferson's Capitol to talk about their experiences with the Yorktown Highschool Model General Assembly.




01.28.2014  Sarah Brooks and Charlotte Ruffing from Yorktown High School and Cameron Ford from Goochland High School followed up the earlier students to celebrate statewide accomplishments of the Model General Assembly organizations.



01.28.2014  Charles S Brown, Field Representative with the National Federation of the Blind in Virginia stops by to talk about the 2014 GA Session with Delegate Hope.


01.27.2014  Ramiro "Butch" Ramos, President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26 visit with Delelgate Hope to talk about raising the minimum wage, enforcement of tradesmen license requirements and partnering with local schools to improve vocational facilities and curriculums.



01.27.2014  As part of AFL-CIO Day at the Capitol, Delegate Hope meets with his various union brothers!



01.22.2014 Friends for the ENDependence Center in Arlington stop by to talk about concerns this session with Delegate Hope.



01.22.2014  Lynn Ruiz and friends from the ARC of Northern Virginia stop in to chat with Delegate Hope.



01.22.2014  Jamie Liban of the ARC of Virginia gratiously presented Delegate Hope with the Catalyst for Change Award.



1.21.2014· Kathllen Scarbalis and David Falkenstein with the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants and Laura Hart, PA-C with VAMC, and Sofia Sandoval meet with Delegate Hope to talk about the 2014 Legislative Session.



1.20.2013  Jack Blundell and members of the Citizens Defense League arrive in Richmond today to talk with Delegate Hope.



1.20.2014  Phil Posner and friends proudly wearing their orange for MS Advocacy Day visit with Delegate Hope to talk about current MS concerns and initiatives.





02.08.2013 Jim Lindsey, friend and neighbor from Ashton Heights stopped by for a brief visit with Delegate Hope to talk about the session highlights.


02.06.2013  Had the pleasure of a visit from Sheriff Beth Arthur and members of her staff  just before  Delegate Hope introduced her on the House Floor for being choosen by her peers to serve as the first female  president of the Virginia Sheriff's Association.  Congratulations Sheriff Arthur!



02.06.2013 Cristina Baldassare, MD, Kelley M Dodson, MD, Jane Davis, ED with the Virginia Society of Otolaryngology, and Ralston King with Whitehead Consulting, LLC  visit with Delegate Hope to talk about expanding Medicaid and opening up the HPV vaccine to boys in Virginia.


01.30.2013  Advocates from the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia stop by to visit with Delegate Hope.


01.28.2013  Faris Sanjakelar and Catherine Cunningham, students with Virginia 21 stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope and talk about higher education.


01.28.2013 Bob Adkins took time to visit the Capitol today and visit with Delegate Hope.


01.28.2013  Jaim Foster, Lee Dorman, Aldmia Cooper and Miles Carey with VEA-Arlington Education Association stop by to talk about education initiatives in Arlington. 


01.28.2013 Ramiro G "Butch" Ramos and members of the IBEW Local 26 visit Delegate Hope in Richmond to discuss Union Craftmanship with Pride.


1.23.2013  Janet Presswood and Joseph Fox visit with Delegate Hope to talk about fox penning legislation in Virginia.


1.23.2013  Nancy Pallesen, Paula Potts, Emily Billingsley, and Alicia Nieves from the Arlington Free Clinic stop by to talk about healthcare in Arlington with Delegate Hope.



1.22.2013  Joan McDermott and Cynthia Schneider stop by to talk about Northern Virginia Aging Network initiaties.





1.22.2013  advocates for the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy stop by to chat with Delegate Hope.



1.21.2013  Nancy Spooner and Shana Miller stop by to talk about sensible gun legislation with Delegate Hope.






1.22.2013  Visitors from the Virginia Citizens Defense League visit with Delegate Hope.



01.15.2013   Arlington Chamber members, Doug Brammer, David DeCamp, Rich Doud and Scott McGeary offer their "Voice of Business" to Delegate Hope on Chamber Day!



01.15.2013  Several Arlington members of the Medical Society of Virginia stopped by to talk about Medicaid Expansion and ways to improve quality of care and lower costs in Virginia.


01.14.2013  Diana Kupchella, RN, JD and President of the Northern Virgina Chapter of Military Officers Association of America stopped by to visit with Delegate Hope and talk about pending legislation in the 2013 session.



02.21.2012  Erin Vaughan, Senior Director and Maria Firvida, Director-State Government Affairs with AstraZeneca stop by to chat with Delegate Hopeabout opportunities to work together in the future.


02.21.2012  David Broder and Susan Edwards, with Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants stop by the Richmond office to talk with Delegate Hope.



02.20.2012  Caroline Brannon, Scott Brannon, Bonnie Wear, and Mark Nation stop by to chat with Delegate Hope about an upcoming grant opportunity for Community Resources of America with the Peer Internship Program.


02.09.2012   Constitutent Susan Prokop, Owner, and her husband Jim Turpin, General Manager of Democracy Vineyard stop by to chat with Delegate Hope about pending legislation concerning the The Virginia Wine Council.


02.08.2012 Constituent, GW Peterson came by to have a chat with Delegate Hope.


02.08.2012 Kevin Kelly took time from his day at the General Assembly to visit with Delegate Hope.


02.06.2012  Delegate Hope with the other Arlington Delegation Members addressed the 50+ members of the 2012 Leadership Arlington class visiting for their 2012 Richmond Lobby Day.


02.06.2012   Carla Peterson and Bill Richardson with Virginia CURE have been working with Delegate Hope throughout the session on numerous prison reform initiatives0.


01.30.2012  Constituent Don Bauman, Jr, President of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 99 (far left) and others visit with Delegate Hope on their 2012 Lobby Day at the Capitol.


01.26.2012  Constituent Dr. William Rees chats with Delegate Hope about health care issues and concerns in Virginia.


01.24.2012  Julie Emery, Dorine Tarber, Jewel Royal, Jarwona Lyons and Kelly A White members of the SEIU, Virginia 512 stopped by today to see Delegate Hope and congratulate him on his receiving the 1st Annual Legislative Leadership Award  from the Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants presented at their annual dinner last evening.


01.20.2012 Constituent Dr. Michael Grosso, Laura Givens, Legislative & Public Policy Director for the Virginia Dental Association, and Dr HJ Barrett visit with Delegate Hope on Virginia Dental Hygienists Association Rally Day at the General Assembly.


01.18.2012  CASA Executive Director Sonia Quinonez, Program Director Carrie Cannon, and Case Supervisor Dana Taylor stopped by to visit Delegate Hope to talk about their work as court appointed special advocates building hope for children and families in Northern Virginia. 


01.16.2012   Constituent Marjorie O'Conner and a colleague from the Virginia Hemophelia Foundation stop by to visit Delegate Hope.


01.16.2012   Constituent Lisa Goode and friends stop by to visit their friend, Delegate Patrick Hope, on their visit to Richmond as part of the Rally at the Bell Tower for Virginians with Mental Disabilities.


01.16.2012  Constituent Malcolm Blendell and other Citizen Defense League members stop by to talk about gun right issues with Delegate Hope.


01.16.2012  Gordon Simonett (far right) and other members of the Arlington Young Democrats visited with Delegate Hope on their 2012 Richmond Legislative Day.


01.16.2012 Charles Bright, Co-President of the GMU College Democrats, Colin Dalrymple and Karl Townsend stop by to discuss issues with Delegate Hope.



02.25.2011  Today Michael Wardian was presented with  House Joint Resolution 791 honoring his achievements as an American marathoner and ultramarathoner.  He is pictured here with his family looking down as Delegate Hope introduces him on the House floor.





01.17.2011  Vlasta A Hakes, Associate Director, Grifols, Delegate Patrick Hope, and Christopher Healey, VP, Grifols


01.17.2011 Michael Nardolilli, President of NVCT visits during Session.




01.17.2011 Jim King, Delegate Hope, Nykia Braxton, Amin Abdulhasit and Richard Lee of OAR.




01.17.2010  Jacob Klaus, Sean McGiruwik, Lisa Good, Carrin Brandt, and Jill Egle of The Arc of Northern Virginia




01.17.2011  David Peaceful and his wife, Sharon Sundial stop by to chat with Delegate Hope.




01.17.2011 Charles Bright stops by to say hello.




01.18.2011 Andres Tobar, Executive Director of the Shirlington Employment and Education Center (2nd from left) brought a group from the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations to talk with Delegate Hope.




01.18.2011  Jo Ann Allen, Executive Director of the Arlington County Medical Society (far right) with a group of NOVA Doctors including Dr. Marie Schum-Brady of Arlington visit the GAB for the annual MSVA White Coat Day.




01.18.2011 Constituents Amanda Lynn Holmes and Robert Atkins visit with Delegate Hope.




01.19.2011 Constituent GW Peterson with Delegate Hope.




01.19.2011 Constituent, Josh Collins, with LiUNA, Laborers' International Union of North America.  




01.24.2011 Guests from the Arlington Education Association included Charlotte Kelso from Swanson Middle School, Eva Ingram with Arlington Career Center, Jorhn Tarpey with Nottingham E.S., Shawn Wadell -Statford Mipa Teacher, Cara Lamont with Jamestown, and Brian Raska with the Stratford Program visit with Delegate Hope.




01.24.2011 Phil Posner spends a few moments discussing issues with Delegate Hope in Richmond.




01.27.2011 Constituent Shane McCarty and Samantha Soussan from Virginia Tech visit with the Delegate.




01.27.2011 Louise Fishbein and Sara Jane Knight stop by our Richmond office to talk about Education.




01.27.2011  Catholic Advocacy Day brought many Arlingtonians including Tom O'Neil, Anne Murphy, Gail Goodridge, Peg Hogan, and Janet O'Neil by the office.




02.02.2011  Constituents Alexa Mavnoidis, Ruchika Lalwani, Hannah Manila and Kimball Gray with ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV) visit with Delegate Hope.




02.03.2011  Constituent, Dr. Karen Mcelfish visits with Patrick during her visit to Richmond.




02.03.2011  Constituent Carol Lowe Brooke and Brendan Swartz with Associa share insights on community association management with Patrick.