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Status of House Bill 354 in the Virginia General Assembly for regulation of public pools

February 28, 2024

HB 354 passed in the House of Delegates on February 7 with a 55-45 vote. It also passed the Senate on February 26 with a 21-18 vote.
The bill was proposed by Delegate Patrick Hope, D- Arlington. He told the House Health Subcommittee last month the bill is needed because the Virginia Department of Health only has regulatory oversight over swimming areas at campgrounds, summer camps, and hotels
Virginia's Legislative Bills Reshape Public Welfare, Individual Empowerment Enriched

February 25, 2024

In the heart of Virginia's bustling legislative session, a series of compelling bills are making waves, promising to reshape the landscape of public safety, health, and personal rights. Among them, House Bill 354 spearheaded by Del Patrick Hope, seeks to implement comprehensive regulations on public pool safety.
In Virginia, Hope Grows on Trees

February 21, 2024

HB 529, introduced by Del. Patrick Hope, would give localities broader authority to replace trees lost during construction. If passed into law, localities would have the authority to establish tree replacement requirements and establish a tree fund if trees can’t be replaced on site.
Virginia considers mandatory health insurance for PANS/PANDAS

February 20, 2024

A bill in Virginia is being studied by the state Health Insurance Reform Commission for the coverage of treatment for PANS/PANDAS, a mainly childhood neuropsychiatric disorder.
The examination of the bill follows a unanimous tabling in a House subcommittee earlier this month.
The legislation was proposed by House Delegate Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and would require private health insurance and Medicaid to provide coverage for PANS/PANDAS treatment in order to lower the cost families must face upon diagnosis.
February’s Big Buzz About Bees

February 20, 2024

In case you didn’t know, since 2020, February has been designated Winter Honey month in Virginia, a fact perhaps not well advertised outside of the beekeeper community. In this session of the Virginia General Assembly, Delegate Patrick Hope (D-1) introduced HB 517 to designate the European Honey bee (Apis mellifera) the official state pollinator.
House of Delegates Considering SB 280, Medical Aid in Dying

February 20, 2024

Virginia is a battleground state within itself. State legislators are fiercely divided concerning proposed legislation, SB 280. If passed, it would allow an eligible adult diagnosed with a terminal disease to request an attending health care provider to prescribe a fatal dose of a controlled substance to be self-administered for the purpose of ending the patient's life.
Senate Bill 280, one of the two Virginia bills concerning Death with Dignity, passed the Senate. Its companion, House Bill 858, which was originally "put on hold for the day," failed in committee.
Which Virginia Legislators Introduced the Most, Fewest Bills in 2024?

February 19, 2024

Per VPAP, see below for the number of bills introduced by each Virginia legislator this session. On the House of Delegates side, Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) introduced the most bills (45)
Virginia Democrats seek changes to state courts, including class action suits

February 16, 2024

Under a bill the House approved, House Bill 73, sponsored by Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, expunging and sealing courts’ records of eviction cases would be automatic when landlords fail to win their cases. Records of dismissed cases, or even cases where the tenant won, can often affect a person’s credit record or ability to rent another place.
Arlington-originated vaping, reproductive health and tenants rights bills gain traction in state legislature

February 15, 2024

Dels. Patrick Hope and Alfonso Lopez (D) received support for their bills regulating the sale of electronic tobacco products.

Hope’s bill taxes the sale of these products, which include vape pens, requires retailers to check the IDs of anyone under the age of 30 and requires businesses that sell electronic tobacco products to have a permit. The permit, he previously told ARLnow, allows the state to track sellers and enforce sales to minors through the imposition of fines and by suspending or ultimately revoking the permit.
Bills to ease strain on state mental hospitals advance without ‘bed of last resort’ changes

February 14, 2024

identical bills from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, and Favola would direct the Office of the State Inspector General to develop and submit a plan to fully investigate complaints that contain serious allegations of abuse, neglect or inadequate care at any state psychiatric hospital.
Preservation bill may require Youngkin's help to become law

February 13, 2024

A Democratic local legislator may need to play nice with Gov. Youngkin and his staff to secure enactment into law of an historic-preservation measure.
The House of Delegates approved the measure by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), and prospects look reasonable in the state Senate. But since the proposed legislation has picked up significant Republican opposition, its future should it make it to the governor’s desk is a study in uncertainty.
Virginia legislators plow through bills as session reaches midpoint

February 13, 2024

Right to die. The Senate passed a bill to allow an adult diagnosed with a terminal illness to seek a prescription from a health-care provider to end his or her life. Passage, on a party-line 21-19 vote, came after Boysko tearfully read a letter in support from U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton, The House put off voting on its own version, sponsored by Del. Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington)
Bar associations weigh Court of Appeals candidates

February 12, 2024

Last December, Senate Judiciary Chair Scott Surovell, D-Fairfax, and House Courts of Justice Chair Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, invited eight bar associations to take part in candidate evaluations.
“Our caucuses value a transparent selection process and a diverse set of perspectives,” the chairs said in their letter to the bar associations.
Three interesting bills: claiming roadkill, food-to-beverage ratio and honey bees

February 9, 2024

House Bill 517:Designating the European honey bee as the official state pollinator
This legislation from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would designate the European honey bee as the official pollinator of Virginia.
Virginia Commission to Review Mandatory Insurance Coverage for “Devastating” Childhood Disease

February 8, 2024

A bill that would require insurers in Virginia to cover treatment for a neuropsychiatric disorder that primarily affects children will be studied by the state Health Insurance Reform Commission after being unanimously tabled in a House subcommittee this week.

The legislation from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would have applied to both Medicaid and private insurance as a way to lower the treatment costs for PANS/PANDAS, a disease scientists believe is caused by a child’s immune system attacking their brain.
House panel rejects 2 measures to restrict abortion access

February 8, 2024

A Democratic-led House panel on Wednesday defeated two Republican proposals seeking to limit access to abortions in Virginia.
Gun-control bills sailing through Virginia General Assembly

February 8, 2024

The House deferred a bill sponsored by Del. Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington) that would have required a license for any firearm purchase, one of the most sweeping proposals of the session. A committee rolled that measure over to next year for further study.
Loudoun parent is hopeful that new legislation will bring insurance coverage for PANS/PANDAS

February 7, 2024

Virginia parents of children diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS, a neurological disorder, remain hopeful that new legislation introduced by Virginia Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) will require insurance carriers and Medicaid to cover the expensive treatments needed to treat the disease.
Va. commission to review mandatory insurance coverage for devastating childhood disease

February 7, 2024

A bill that would require insurers in Virginia to cover treatment for a neuropsychiatric disorder that primarily affects children will be studied by the state Health Insurance Reform Commission after being unanimously tabled in a House subcommittee this week. The legislation from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would have applied to both Medicaid and private insurance as a way to lower the treatment costs for PANS/PANDAS, a disease scientists believe is caused by a child’s immune system attacking their brain.
House bills seek to address concerns at state psychiatric hospitals

February 7, 2024

Del. Patrick Hope (D–Alexandria) sponsored a separate bill that would authorize the commissioner of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to discharge patients. Some patients remain at state hospitals for more than 30 days after they’ve been deemed clinically ready to be discharged. Concerns over lack of housing, services or support in their home communities have been cited as potential reasons for the delays.

Hope also sponsored a bill that would require the Office of the State Inspector General to develop a plan by Nov. 1 to investigate complaints of abuse or neglect at state psychiatric hospitals in a timely manner.
What are Virginia’s official state animals?

February 6, 2024

This year, a bill was submitted by Del. Patrick Hope (D-1) and Del. Hyland “Buddy” Fowler Jr. (R-59), proposing the European honey bee should be designated as the official state pollinator. On Monday, Feb. 5, 98 members of the Virginia House of Delegates voted unanimously to have the bill passed.
Virginia lawmakers grapple with tree canopy declines

February 6, 2024

Lawmakers are also considering a bill from Del. Patrick Hope (D–Arlington) that would require the state Department of Forestry to develop a Forest Conservation Plan with a stakeholder group. The plan would include the current status of Virginia forests and tree canopies, select priority forests for conservation, identify funding mechanisms and more. Hope’s bill received unanimous support in the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee and is waiting to be heard in House Appropriations
General Assembly salutes lives of Arlingtonians Hines, Hannigan

February 4, 2024

Hannigan, who died in May 2022, was “a champion for young people – going above and beyond to ensure that children had opportunities to participate in local programs,” noted the measure, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington).
Hope's preservation proposal half-way to success in legislature

February 2, 2024

A measure aimed at giving the public more ability to delay and perhaps prevent demolition of properties that are being considered for historic designation has cleared the House of Delegates, but may still have a challenging road to travel before being enacted into law
No time to lose in approving governance-change bill

January 31, 2024

Del. Patrick Hope’s proposed legislation (HB 1225) will “till the government soil, so new seed can be planted.”
Advocates push Chesapeake Bay cleanup legislation

January 29, 2024

"Bay advocates are pushing the General Assembly to enact bills filed by Dels. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington; Betsy Carr, D-Richmond, Rip Sullivan, D-Fairfax; Karen Keys-Gamara, D-Fairfax; and state Sen. Suhas Subramanyam, D-Loudoun, that aim to protect and plant trees"
In dying, be empowered, informed and strong, like a doctor

January 28, 2024

Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) is now legal in 10 states, but still not in Virginia. I support Senator Ghazala Hashmi, who is trying again to get it legalized in Virginia, bringing Bill 280 to the senate, while Delegate Patrick Hope is bringing Bill 858 to the house.
Enhance background checks for firearms

January 27, 2024

Our lawmakers are already introducing commonsense gun safety bills, such as House Bill 1424, sponsored by Del. Patrick Hope. This bill would require enhanced background checks for firearm purchases, allowing law enforcement to prevent people who pose serious risk to themselves or others from purchasing guns.
Proposed bills aim to preserve Virginia's tree canopy, forests

January 27, 2024

Introduced by Del. Patrick Hope, House Bill 529 aims to expand authority to all localities, so they can establish tree replacement requirements and allow statewide adoption of tree conservation language.
A major push for Virginia's renters is under way in General Assembly

January 26, 2024

House Bill 73, from Del Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would make it easier for tenants to expunge records of eviction cases that are dismissed or where the landlord lost. These records, even when the tenant is able to eventually pay the rent, can make it difficult when seeking a new place to live.
Hope files bill allowing form of government changes but County Board says more discussion is needed

January 25, 2024

Del. Patrick Hope’s HB 1225 would allow the Board to decide if it should retain its 5-member, at-large form of government or consider altering the size, to between three and 11 members, and changing to a district-based representation model. It would also allow the County Board Chair to be elected by popular vote for a 4-year term where currently, the practice is to rotate the chairship among members yearly.
Advocates say there's a need for greater prison oversight, lawmakers are considering options

January 24, 2024

Delegate Patrick Hope has introduced House Bill 555 to create an office of prison ombudsman to investigate prisoner complaints and to share findings with the public.
Arlington governance bill merits action in Richmond

January 24, 2024

The Hope bill would not, if passed, change Arlington’s form of government, and it is hard to have much fear of downstaters when the bill only enables changes if agreed to by either the County Board or, in one case, a community referendum.
Virginia legislators seek to become 12th jurisdiction to legalize medical aid in dying

January 22, 2024

State Senator Ghazala Hashmi, Boysko and Delegate Patrick Hope, introduced legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to receive a self-administered controlled substance to end the their life. Virginia would become the 12th jurisdiction to allow medically assisted death, joining the likes of New Mexico and California along with the District of Columbia.
Tough new gun control measure surfaces, as others clear key gatekeeper

January 19, 2024

A new proposed measure never seen before in Virginia was filed. That new bill, House Bill 1424, sponsored by Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, proposes that people need to have a permit to buy a gun.
Arlington leaders want one-year delay on governance bill

January 18, 2024

County Board Chairman Libby Garvey (D) and Vice Chairman Takis Karantonis (D) recently traveled to Richmond to discuss the bill with its patron, Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), and request that it be held over until 2025
Editorial: Change-of-governance bill for Arlington premature?

January 18, 2024

Legislation introduced for the 2024 General Assembly session by Del. Patrick Hope, aimed at paving the way for amending the form of governance that has been in place in Arlington since 1932, has some rational points but in our estimation probably is not ready for consideration this session.
A New Course for Corrections

January 15, 2024

HB 555, introduced by Del. Patrick Hope, D-1st, would create the Office of the Department of Corrections Ombudsman, which would conduct inspections of state facilities “at least once every three years and more often when warranted” and “establish confidential telephone hotlines and online forms for concerns, complaints, and inquiries.”
New VA General Assembly Legislation Targets Devastating Illness Hitting Young People

January 12, 2024

Two new bills introduced on Jan 9, 2024, in the VA General Assembly by Delegate Patrick Hope (D-1) take aim at the debilitating post-infectious neuroimmune disorders, known as PANS and PANDAS, that are ravaging young people across the Commonwealth.
Legislator hopes to generate buzz with honeybee bill

January 11, 2024

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) has introduced HB 517, which will add the honeybee (Apis mellifera) to the roster of the Old Dominion’s official this-and-thats.
Legislator proposes no changes to Fairfax, Arlington judgeships

January 8, 2024

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) is patroning a bill that would add four new Circuit Court judgeships and two more for Juvenile and Domestic Relations District courts across the commonwealth, as proposed by the Committee on District Courts and the Judicial Council of Virginia. But none of those additions would impact Arlington or Fairfax.
Nonprofit Serving People With Disabilities Benefits From Vienna Event

June 9, 2023

The Honorary Host Pancake Breakfast Committee includes Howell, Plum, Alcorn, Del. Patrick Hope, Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust, Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik, and Braddock District Supervisor James Walkinshaw.
Parisa Dehghani-Tafti: Why you should vote for me

June 7, 2023

That’s why I’ve earned the endorsement of local progressive legislators like Delegates Patrick Hope
6 New Virginia Laws That Take Effect July 1 and How They Affect You

June 2, 2023

Hope's House Bill (HB) 1924 has to do with minimum wage requirements for people with disabilities.
Stakeholders’ Input Welcome: Virginia ABC to Assess Options for Regulating Liquid Nicotine in the Commonwealth

May 19, 2023

In 2021, Delegate Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington County) patroned a bill that would have required tobacco and liquid nicotine retailers to obtain licenses from ABC and would have provided for related sales restrictions.
As early voting kicks off, Democratic hopefuls are picking up a variety of endorsements

May 10, 2023

Quiroz also has support from State Sen. Barbara Favola and Dels. Alfonso Lopez and Patrick Hope, as well as his predecessor, former sheriff Beth Arthur.
Civil rights icon Joan Mulholland honored at the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington

May 2, 2023

Her activism was recognized this year in the state legislature, too. During the event, Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) read a resolution commending her “inimitable role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and her ongoing commitment to educating others about equality and advocating for social justice.”
Governor amends bill ending subminimum wage for disabled workers

April 17, 2023

Gov. Glenn Youngkin recently recommended the General Assembly accept an amended version of a bill that ends the practice of paying subminimum wage to certain Virginia workers with disabilities.
Virginia relying more heavily on provisional licenses to fill teacher shortages

April 4, 2023

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, had backed a similar proposal aimed at helping Arlington Public Schools’ Montessori Program — the only Montessori program in Virginia’s public schools — address teacher shortages.
Column: Solitary confinement bill isn't perfect, but it's a start

March 18, 2023

We must thank courageous legislators, such as Dels. Glenn Davis, Amanda Batten, Tony Wilt, Don Scott and Patrick Hope, along with Sens. Joe Morrissey, Barbara Favola and others, who have demonstrated their concern and their willingness to move reforms forward.
Three interesting bills: selling children, ‘swatting’ penalties and regulating vape products

February 24, 2023

HB 2296 from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would direct the Secretary of Finance to study and report on methods to regulate the sale of nicotine liquid vapor products and reduce underage sales of nicotine.
Courthouse News
Virginia lawmakers move to lower insurance costs for tobacco users

February 17, 2023

Delegates Karen Greenhalgh, a Virginia Beach Republican, and Patrick Hope, a Democrat from Arlington, introduced House Bill 1375 in the Virginia House of Delegates, while an identical bill, Senate Bill 1011, was introduced in the Virginia Senate by Senator John S. Edwards, a Roanoke Democrat.
The Roanoke Times
Commentary: Time for Virginia to address wage inequality for the disabled

February 16, 2023

Virginia can eradicate this cruel practice for good with the introduction of Del. Patrick Hope’s HB 1924. This bill greatly improves the way Virginia treats employees by requiring employers to pay at least minimum wage to all citizens of the state, regardless of disability.
The Roanoke Times
Va. senators agonize over what's a fair wage for people with disabilities

February 14, 2023

Hope's bill would gradually raise wages for people now paid subminimum wages, to $9.50 an hour as of July 1; $10.50 an hour as of July 1 2024; $11.50 an hour as of July 1 2025, and at the state minimum wage as of July 1 2026.
Henrico Citizen
House advances bill on notifications for teen antidepressants

February 7, 2023

The bill returned to the subcommittee Thursday with amendments altering the bill to limit teenagers’ access to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This bill continued to receive pushback from some delegates, including Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington.

“If a child believes that their parents will find out, even through this backdoor way, then they’re less likely to get that treatment,” Hope said. “I just have a feeling this will have a chilling effect.”
Two bills to even playing field for online local news publications fail in Richmond

February 7, 2023

Introduced by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), the bill garnered support from other Virginia online-only local news publishers but Arlington County officials expressed concern about a loss of tax revenue. Several other online publications, including Axios, are also based in Arlington.

HB 1920 was ultimately “laid on the table” by a House finance subcommittee, with committee members expressing both interest in studying the bill’s financial impact and surprise that legacy media outlets are excluded from BPOL.
Legislation to limit solitary confinement hits a snag

February 6, 2023

Delegate Patrick Hope is a Democrat from Arlington who says he's disappointed the bill to ban solitary confinement no longer bans solitary confinement. But he said he is pleased the bill requires that all incarcerated people have some time out of cell each day plus it requires prisons document why they put people in solitary. "Maybe they smarted off or maybe they didn't stand up in time in morning when they are doing the check ins. We don't want people to be thrown into solitary confinement for no reason," Hope said.
Cardinal News
Public notices are increasingly less public. Two legislators want to change that.

January 27, 2023

I couldn’t help them with that, but maybe state Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Rockingham County, and Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, can.

They’ve introduced a bill that would allow local governments to do just that – to advertise their legal notices on local online news sites that meet certain criteria. This bill (SB 1237) may not be the most important bill in Richmond this year, but it is one that illustrates one of the biggest trends of the past three decades: the rise of the internet, and, with it, the decline of almost anything that doesn’t fit into a digital format.
Del. Hope files legislation to exempt scouting troops from personal property taxes

January 27, 2023

Inspired by the testimony of one Arlington Boy Scout, Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) has introduced legislation that would exempt property owned and used by the organization “solely for the purpose of supporting” troops from personal property taxes.
Blue Virginia
Blue Virginia Interview: Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney Says She’s Running for Reelection Because “it took centuries to get to where we are now…I’m not done after three years”

January 26, 2023

Parisa: I mean, I have gotten an incredible list of endorsements: Don Beyer, Jennifer McClellan, Jennifer Carol Foy, Patrick Hope, Matt de Ferranti, Takis, Monique O’Grady, School Board folks; Paul Ferguson who is the Clerk of the Court, who’s seen my work close up; the legislators I worked with; more endorsements coming soon.
Sun Gazette
Effort to give online publishers tax break fails in Richmond

January 25, 2023

Legislation patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) to extend exemptions from business, professional and occupational license (BPOL) fees to online-only news sites died in a subcommittee of the House Committee on Finance.
JUST IN: VHC to build mental health and rehab facility at former urgent care site

January 24, 2023

Del. Patrick Hope said he is proud “to help facilitate new initiatives across the state to meet community members where they are for their healthcare needs.”
Virginia lawmakers target added fees for food, phone calls in correctional facilities

January 19, 2023

“I found it very difficult and challenging to get straight answers and I don’t think I have answers today,” Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) told the House Public Safety subcommittee on Thursday.
Virginia Mercury
Push to limit prison and jail fees hits early obstacle in Virginia House

January 19, 2023

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, said for-profit theaters aren’t the same as government agencies that have been given a unique power to raise their own revenue from fees charged to inmates and their families.

“No other agency in the Virginia government has that ability to do that without coming to us first,” Hope said.
Virginia Democrats propose more bills to crack down on gun violence

January 16, 2023

"Democrats offer getting guns off the street by prohibiting the sale of dangerous assault weapons and high capacity magazines," said Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington).
Cardinal News
Fight over gun rights continues

January 16, 2023

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, said in a news conference by House Democratic leadership Monday that in 2020, there were 1,174 firearm-related deaths in Virginia – which is more than three people dying every day due to a firearm-related injury.

“About 65 percent of those deaths are suicides, and about four out of 10 are homicides,” Hope said. “We talk about the mass shootings, but this is happening every single day in our homes and communities. Families in Virginia are suffering and we have to do something about it.”

Hope also cited a study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions showing that in 2019, Petersburg with 42 per 100,000 had the highest rate of gun-related deaths of all localities in Virginia, followed by Dickenson County (30 per 100,000) and Danville (28 per 100,000).

“This is happening in urban areas and rural areas all over the commonwealth,” Hope said. “We are killing our children, our neighbors, our family members, and they are dying in our streets and our homes.”
The Daily Wire
Virginia Dems Introduce Bill Allowing Minors To Consent To Gender Transition, Hide Records From Parents

January 16, 2023

The sponsors were Candi Mundon King of Prince William and Stafford; Nadarius Clark of Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth; Patrick Hope of Arlington; Michelle Lopes Maldonado of Prince William and Manassas; Sam Rasoul of Roanoke; and Marcus Simon of Fairfax. Mundon King, the lead sponsor, did not return a request for comment.
Delegate: Legislation on Arlington governance unlikely to be taken up in 2023

January 12, 2023

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) told the Sun Gazette he has prepared legislation that would give Arlington the power to implement changes to its governance structure, but does not plan to introduce it this session. The Civic Federation’s proposals have not been vetted by county leaders or other organizations, including the dominant Arlington County Democratic Committee.
Selection of Circuit Court judge may open up slot on General District Court in Arlington

January 11, 2023

The court has jurisdiction over Arlington and the city of Falls Church. “On behalf of the delegation, I’m pleased to bring forward the nomination of Judge Daniel Lopez for the Circuit Court,” Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) told the Sun Gazette.

“Over the last three years as a judge in the District Court, Judge Lopez has established a strong record of judicial temperament, fairness and knowledge of the law,” Hope said. “We look forward to his continued service to the people of Arlington and Falls Church.”
The Daily Progress
Lock up guns, says mom of 4-year-old killed in 2017

January 11, 2023

With the help of Democratic Del. Patrick Hope, Falcetti testified on behalf of a measure that became part of Virginia code. “Cole’s Law,” as it’s been called, tightens the state’s social services code with a ban on unlocked weaponry in home day cares.
Sun Gazette
Delegate honored for work on LGBT, domestic-violence issues

December 29, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) on Dec. 17 was the recipient of the 2022 Equality Award from the Arlington-Alexandria Gay and Lesbian Alliance (AGLA).

Hope received the award for patroning legislation, passed in 2020, banning “conversion therapy” for minors.

The Equality Award has been presented annually for more than two decades to individuals and organizations for supporting the goals of AGLA.

And on Dec. 9, Hope received the 2022 Hope Award from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.
The Appeal

December 21, 2022

In July, Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg reported on the moldy and spoiled food served at a women’s prison in Virginia, which caught the attention of Delegate Patrick Hope, who demanded action. Just last week, an incarcerated advocate wrote to Elizabeth and shared that the women have been told that improvements will finally be made.

“While this is just promises at this point, I have hope, as it is the closest thing to change I have seen since I have been here,” she wrote to Elizabeth. “I attribute this to your work and the work of Delegate Hope. I cannot thank you and him enough for what you have done.”
Arlington Adopts Ranked Choice Voting For June County Board Primary

December 19, 2022

In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation — patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) — that allowed Arlington to run elections using ranked choice voting (a similar measure from Del. Sally Hudson [D-Charlottesville] allowed the method for other localities in Virginia). The bill took effect in 2021, which kickstarted Arlington officials’ serious consideration of the method. In August 2021, the Arlington Office of Elections ran a demo of ranked choice voting, inviting residents to vote on their favorite Arlington farmers market in a mock-up ranked-choice election and then participate in an informational session with county elections staff. An online feedback form this fall drew 780 responses and found strong support among residents for the idea, with 75% of respondents in favor.
Sun Gazette
Delegate: Don’t expect any pro-tree legislation from Richmond

December 12, 2022

One member of the Arlington delegation to the General Assembly says environmental activists shouldn’t expect any major legislation on tree issues coming out of Richmond in 2023.

“We’ll have a difficult time,” said Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), speaking at the Dec. 6 work session between legislators and the County Board.

He blamed “the dynamics in the House” – presumably meaning the Republican majority in the House of Delegates – for the hold-up.

“I’m not confident . . . that we’ll get anything through” on the issue, Hope said, replying to an inquiry from County Board member Takis Karantonis during the work session.
Sun Gazette
Arlington legislators again to be playing defense in Richmond

December 9, 2022

There might be some areas of bipartisan agreement: Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) said Gov. Youngkin has made positive comments on the need for additional mental-health support.

“I am hopeful he will put some significant revenue into the budget,” Hope said.
The Connection
Nickel and Dimed Behind Bars
Lawmakers take a look at fines and fees charged to inmates at jails across Virginia.

December 6, 2022

"Complimentary Caribbean cruises are not complementary. These so-called 'training summit cruises' are paid for through a mark-up in the jail contract," Del. Patrick Hope (D-47) told The Appeal. "It may be legal, but it's a loophole in the law that should be closed."
There’s a mental health crisis in Virginia emergency rooms — Will anything be done?

October 6, 2022

That leaves many with the emergency room as the only option readily available. That’s because federal law requires that emergency departments provide care to everyone who comes in their doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

“I don’t think anyone enjoys going to the emergency room,” said Delegate Patrick Hope (D-Arlington). “So they go there because they don’t have another option.”

That sentiment was backed up by the report, which suggested that in many places, people go the emergency room for non-emergencies because the proper care facilities either do not exist in their area or are not accessible for another reason, such as cost.
State lawmakers call on airport officials to raise wages

August 22, 2022

The letter was signed by local General Assembly members, including state Sens. Adam Ebbin and Barbara Favola, along with Dels. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Patrick Hope and Alfonso Lopez — all Democrats.
WVTF Radio
State officials have so far denied a request to ban conversion therapy among Virginia adults

August 18, 2022

Delegate Patrick Hope is a Democrat from Arlington who introduced a bill that outlawed conversion therapy for minors, which is now the law. He says state officials should consider banning it for adults, too.
The Appeal

August 17, 2022

“We should not be treating people that are incarcerated differently when it comes to consumption of food,” Delegate Patrick Hope, a Democrat, told The Appeal.
Elementary students send 200 gift boxes to USS Arlington

August 15, 2022

Spearheading that effort is the USS Arlington Community Alliance, headed by retired Arlington County Police Department captain Kevin Reardon, who is president, and Del. Patrick Hope (D-47), who is vice president.
Inside NOVA Sun Gazette
Arlington legislators get high marks from Sierra Club

August 3, 2022

Over in the House of Delegates, Dels. Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez and Elizabeth Bennett-Parker were with the advocacy group 100 percent of the time,
Blue Virginia
Thousands Submit Comments in Opposition to Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Request for Four-Year Extension; Debunking Gov. Youngkin’s Absurd/False Comments in Support of the Extension

July 29, 2022

Twenty-seven Virginia Legislators Urge FERC to Deny MVP Certificate Extension
Sun Gazette
Former commander of USS Arlington wins plaudits

July 25, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope and Kevin Reardon traveled to Norfolk to present Lanzilotta with a resolution from the General Assembly and and a proclamation from the Arlington County government, honoring his service
Sun Gazette
Conservation group gives solid grades to Arlington's legislative delegation

July 13, 2022

Arlington’s seven-member General Assembly delegation received top scores from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, based on votes taken in the 2022 legislative session.
Sun Gazette
Culpepper Garden thanks those who support its mission

July 1, 2022

“What a great opportunity to recognize these three individuals and an organization that have made such a tremendous mark in the Culpepper Garden community during the roughest phases of the pandemic,” said Del. Patrick Hope
Alexandria Living
Quieter Cars? Police Can Stop Vehicles for Noise Violations Starting Friday

June 30, 2022

“A disproportionate number of people pulled over for minor traffic offenses tend to be people of color, this is a contributor to the higher incarceration rate among minorities,” Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, told the Virginia Mercury when the law was passed in 2020.
FFX News
FCPD can again stop drivers for loud exhaust systems, under new Virginia law

June 30, 2022

Hope and other advocates argued at the time that police were disproportionately pulling over drivers of color for minor infractions, like broken tail lights, tinted windows, and loud exhaust systems.
Sun Gazette
Challengers see positives, negatives to governance proposals

June 16, 2022

Asked last month how the General Assembly and governor might respond to proposed changes if requested by Arlington, Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) – the lone legislator to respond to a Sun Gazette query
Sun Gazette
Arlington likely to need state backing for governance changes

June 9, 2022

Gov. Youngkin did seem to go out of his way this spring to veto a number of pieces of legislation patroned by state Sen. Adam Ebbin and Dels. Patrick Hope
Sun Gazette
Addiction-recovery organization marks 60 years of service

May 26, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) presented Taylor with a resolution in honor of the organization’s 60th anniversary,
Richmond Times Dispatch
Patrick Hope column: Strengthening Virginia's behavioral health system

May 23, 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many had hoped 2021 would be a turning point — COVID-19 would be in our rear view and we'd ...
One state lawmaker hopes to create his own juvenile justice work group after governor's veto

May 3, 2022

Should Virginia's juvenile justice system be centered around law enforcement or social services? That’s a question at the heart of the debate that prompted a bill from Delegate Patrick Hope, a Democrat from Arlington.
Inside NOVA
All of Youngkin’s vetoes stand, but some amendments rejected

April 29, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, said the Joint Commission on Healthcare found that it would lower everyone’s premiums because it would increase the number of insured tobacco users, some of whom forgo medical insurance because of the higher costs.
Washington Post
Youngkin prevails on vetoes but draws Democrats’ fire in heated session

April 27, 2022

Del. Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington) argued that a bill he had sponsored to stop allowing health insurance companies to levy a surcharge on people who use tobacco was the unanimous recommendation of a bipartisan study commission and followed national studies that showed it would lower costs for consumers.
Washington Post
Lawmakers return to Richmond to take up vetoes and Democrats’ drama

April 26, 2022

All of Youngkin’s vetoes targeted bills sponsored by Democrats, and four of them were against bills filed by Del. Patrick A. Hope (Arlington), including one to lift tobacco use penalties on health insurance premiums that was widely supported in both chambers.
Sun Gazette
Editor’s Notebook

April 24, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope was the featured speaker at the Kiwanis Club of South Arlington’s meeting yesterday.
Richmond News Channel 6
Governor vetoes bill to study public health approach to juvenile justice: 'My heart dropped'

April 18, 2022

"Let's bring the right stakeholders together," Hope said. "Let's bring the right agencies together. Are we funding this appropriately? Do we have the right resources in the right places? It's just a conversation."
Advocates question why Gov. Youngkin vetoed bill creating work group to examine Dept. of Juvenile Justice

April 14, 2022

"It's not eliminating the agency in any way, shape, or form. It's just looking at the structure and seeing if that's the best place to house it," Hope said Thursday.
Youngkin only vetoes Democratic-led bills

April 13, 2022

The bill from Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), vetoed on March 1, would have allowed the Arlington County Board of Supervisors to appoint an independent policing auditor to support a civilian oversight board.
Virginia Mercury
Seven ways Youngkin is trying to make his mark on General Assembly bills

April 12, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, was able to rally bipartisan support for HB 675, a bill that would prohibit health insurers from charging higher premiums to tobacco users.
Washington Post
Youngkin vetoes bipartisan bills while stoking political rancor

April 12, 2022

All of Youngkin’s vetoes targeted bills sponsored by Democrats, and four of them were against bills filed by Arlington Del. Patrick A. Hope (D), including one to lift tobacco use penalties on health insurance premiums that was widely supported in both chambers.
Inside NOVA Sun Gazette
Arlington Democrat weigh in to support rerun of House of Delegates races

April 9, 2022

Dels. Patrick Hope and Alfonso Lopez would be likely to remain in office in the new districts, while the third Arlington district currently has no incumbent occupying it.
Falls Church New Press
Our Man in Arlington

March 25, 2022

Arlington treasurer (now retired) Frank O’Leary and Del. Patrick Hope were “practically auxiliary members,” Renfro said.
Sun Gazette
Letter: Public deserves say in historic-preservation process

March 23, 2022

The purpose of Del. Patrick Hope’s bill was to allow historic-preservation advocates, including the applicant, the right to appeal for a court review of a local decision to deny historic protection.
NBC 12 News
Lawmakers opt for study over elimination of jail, prison fees

March 23, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, introduced a companion bill with identical objectives to Morrissey’s measure, but it added language incorporating prisons.
Inside NOVA Sun Gazette
Arlington Democratic leaders wants rank-and-file to contact Youngkin over veto

March 22, 2022

Youngkin earlier this session turned thumbs down on a measure from Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) to permit the Arlington County Board, rather than the county manager, to employ what is described as an independent police auditor.
Sun Gazette
Late Arlington Chamber chief lauded by legislature

March 18, 2022

Doud was “a pillar of the Arlington community” during his 23-year tenure as chief executive of the business organization, noted the resolution, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope
Inside NOVA
Babe Ruth coach, volunteer recognized

March 15, 2022

“During his time as a police officer, John Karinshak encountered many young people in need of mentorship and positive influences, and he strove to make a difference in the community by volunteering with youth organizations and serving as a coach for youth athletics teams,” noted the legislative resolution, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and passed unanimously by both houses of the General Assembly.
Sun Gazette
Local legislators split on TJ-admissions bill

March 12, 2022

In the House of Delegates, Kathleen Murphy voted to support the revised version while Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Patrick Hope, Mark Keam, Alfonso Lopez, Marcus Simon and Rip Sullivan voted to oppose it.
Youngkin on First Veto: Standing up for Police Not Targeting Them Will Improve Best Practices

March 3, 2022

The sponsor of the bill, Democrat State Delegate Patrick Hope, said in an Associated Press (AP) report that the governor was making a “misguided political statement.”
Sun Gazette
Legacy of barbershop owner lauded by General Assembly

February 25, 2022

The General Assembly has memorialized the life of the late James Moore Sr., a community leader and owner of Moore’s Barbershop. “He believed that every interaction had meaning and even small gestures could change someone’s life for the better,” noted the resolution, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington).
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Legislature again punts on bill to scale back solitary confinement in prisons

February 25, 2022

legislation that would have restricted the use of solitary confinement in state prisons was again stopped in the General Assembly. Del. Patrick Hope, D–Arlington said he wanted DOC to take the study seriously and find ways to bring the estimated 300 people in solitary confinement on any given day out of solitary confinement.
Measure on Arlington independent police auditor is headed to governor

February 25, 2022

Legislation to give the Arlington County Board authority to employ an independent police auditor is headed to Gov. Youngkin. The state Senate on a party-line 21-19 vote on Feb. 23 approved a measure from Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) that earlier had won support in the House of Delegates.
Sun Gazette
Tree-canopy initiative dies in legislature

February 24, 2022

The measure, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), would have directed the Virginia Department of Forestry to develop, in conjunction with Virginia Cooperative Extension, a 10-year urban- and community-forest management plan, and set goals for tree-canopy levels in urban areas.
Virginia Mercury
Legislation aims to protect residents evicted from assisted living facilities

February 21, 2022

Earlier this month, a House finance panel killed a bill from Del. Hope on a 5-3 party-line vote aimed to protect residents evicted from assisted living facilities. While speaking on the nearly identical Senate bill Hope said, “This is a civil rights issue, to make sure people in assisted living facilities have this due process. There are residents who really are at risk, if they’re kicked out, of being homeless, of not having anywhere else to go.”
Virginia House bill would reverse law limiting minor traffic stops

February 21, 2022

A Senate committee could debate a bill that would reverse a policing law intended to reduce racial profiling. Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, sponsored a bill in 2020 which ended minor traffic offenses.
Virginia Mercury
Delegate responds with poop emoji after prison officials complain about news coverage

February 16, 2022

The Virginia Department of Corrections issued an unusual news release Wednesday complaining about a news story published nearly two weeks ago by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Del. Hope tweeted a link to the press release Wednesday afternoon alongside the word chutzpah and its dictionary definition.
“VADOC has a lot of ‘chutzpah’ to put something out with this level,” he wrote.
Sun Gazette
Update: Preservation bills dead for 2022

February 16, 2022

Advocates of historic-preservation legislation patroned by two Northern Virginia lawmakers will have to wait until 2023 to try and win enactment. The House of Delegates Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns voted Feb. 11 to delay final consideration of legislation patroned by Del. Hope (D-Arlington) to next year.
Arlington seems poised for a win on police-auditor bill

February 16, 2022

Bills acceding to a request by the Arlington County Board to employ a police auditor have won approval in each house of the General Assembly, suggesting the measure likely will make it the desk of Gov. Youngkin. Del. Hope patroned the House of Delegates version of the Bill and Sen. Favola is carrying the companion bill in the Senate.
Typo causes hassle for county, prompts critique of public notice law’s limits

February 16, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope tells ARLnow he wants jurisdictions to be able to place public notices with digital media groups, if they choose, so that they reach a broader swath residents. Hope’s bill to allow for this failed in 2020 and the issue, for now, is on the back burner — until he can get more votes.
Sun Gazette
Local delegates oppose education bill, but it is headed to Youngkin

February 14, 2022

The bill in question –SB 739 – is patroned by Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant (R-Henrico), and was amended by Democratic Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax-Vienna) to incorporate language ending mask mandates. The four members of the Arlington delegation to the House of Delegates – Patrick Hope, Rip Sullivan, Alfonso Lopez and Elizabeth Bennett-Parker – joined the 44 other Democrats in voting against the measure.
Johnson City Press
Arlington police-auditor bill takes another step forward in Richmond

February 11, 2022

Legislation patroned by Del. Hope to give the Arlington County Board authority to employ an independent police auditor will get an airing on the floor of the House of Delegates.
Morning Notes

February 11, 2022

“After a subcommittee approved a measure being sought to give preservation advocates an additional voice in decisions made at the local level, but simultaneously stripped out some key provisions of the bill, its sponsor made a request. Would the House Committee on Counties, Cities, and Towns, where the measure was being considered, agree to move the bill to the Committee on Courts of Justice, Del. Patrick Hope asked.”
Sun Gazette
Preservation bills wending way through legislature

February 10, 2022

Del. Hope’s bill proposes several changes to the state’s historic-preservation laws, most notably prohibiting a local government from permitting the razing of a proposed historic property until 30 days after a final decision on the matter has been made.
Falls Church News-Gazette
Our Man in Arlington

February 4, 2022

Legislation patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (with a Senate counterpart by Chap Petersen) would give preservation activists standing in court to challenge demolition plans and give the county board more time to weigh whether to approve local historic designation status that protects selected homes.
Legal Reader
Virginia Gov. Youngkin Wants to Join Loudon Parents’ Anti-Mask Lawsuit

February 3, 2022

Virginia Democrats have pushed back against the Youngkin administration’s recission of mask mandates. Virginia state Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington County), for instance, told WTOP News that the governor has “no authority at all” to dictate district-by-district mandates and orders. “We are governed by the Virginia Code,” Hope said. “The Virginia Code states very clearly that school districts should adhere by the CDC’s recommendations.”
Lawsuit against Youngkin’s mask order set to be heard in Northern Virginia

February 2, 2022

The school boards that filed the suit represent more than 350,000 students. They include the boards in Fairfax County, Alexandria, Arlington County, Falls Church, Prince William County, Richmond, and Hampton. After Youngkin signed the order, Virginia Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington County argued that the governor had “no authority at all” to determine how mandates operate at individual school systems.
Blue Virginia
Delegate Patrick A. Hope Joins Prison Reform Advocates on Need for Independent Oversight of Virginia’s Prisons

February 2, 2022

Delegate Patrick A. Hope (D-47) held a press conference today regarding HB 655 which would create the Office of the Department of Corrections Ombudsman and a Corrections Oversight Committee. Delegate Hope joined Molly Gill of FAMM, Vishal Agraharkar of the ACLU of Virginia, and Kimberly Jenkins-Snodgrass of the Interfaith Action for Human Rights in support for this bill.
Proposal for deposit on cans, bottles will get a look ... just not right now

January 29, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope's proposal to impose deposits on cans and bottles in the commonwealth died a predictable death in a legislative subcommittee but will be considered as part of a later, broader discussion on recycling issues. The measure by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) would have imposed deposit charges of up to 15 cents on beverage containers, to be returned to consumers when items were turned in for recycling.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Lawmakers may order study of secretive commission that investigates judges

January 28, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, and Sen. Jennifer Boysko, D-Fairfax, are sponsoring legislation that would prompt an examination of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission, known by its acronym JIRC.
Morning Notes

January 27, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) has introduced legislation that, if enacted, could give preservationists more of a fighting chance to retain properties they deem worth saving. Hope’s bill makes several changes to the state’s historic-preservation laws, most notably prohibiting a local government from permitting the razing of a proposed historic property until 30 days after a final decision on the matter has been made.”
Johnson City Press
Preservationists have hopes for success with General Assembly measure

January 26, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope's Hope’s bill - 1210 HB makes several changes to the state’s historic-preservation laws, most notably prohibiting a local government from permitting the razing of a proposed historic property until 30 days after a final decision on the matter has been made.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Letters to the Editor for Jan. 26, 2022: The need for oversight

January 25, 2022

Recent reporting of a 2018 incident at Keen Mountain Correctional Center in Buchanan County, which showed a supervisor's hands on a restrained inmate's neck has led a push to encourage the General Assembly to move forward on the proposed legislation from Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, which calls for the establishment of an Office of the Department of Corrections and corresponding ombudsman, as well as a Corrections Oversight Committee.
Virginia lawmakers are considering a slate of bills from Arlington legislators

January 21, 2022

Del. Hope has proposed HB 826 which would establish a beverage container deposit, refund, and redemption program involving distributors, retailers, and consumers. He has also introduced HB 670 which would allow Arlington County to appoint an independent policing auditor who will support the law enforcement Community Oversight Board that was created out of the Police Practices Group recommendations.
Morning Poll: Should APS continue to require masks in schools?

January 18, 2022

“No authority at all", said Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington County in his response to Governor Youngkin who said he may use state resources to try to force the county’s school system to comply with his order - which effectively removes school mask mandates.
The Epoch Times
Two Counties Signal Defiance of New Virginia Governor’s Ban on School Mask Mandates

January 17, 2022

“We are governed by the Virginia code,” State Del. Patrick Hope, a Democrat who represents part of the Arlington County, said on WTOP radio. “And the Virginia code states very clearly that school districts should adhere by the CDC’s recommendations, said Hope in response to Youngkin's executive order on school mask mandates.
Raw Story
Virginians smackdown Republican Youngkin's ban on masks in schools despite parents demanding them

January 16, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington County spoke to WTOP, explaining that the Virginia laws say that schools must follow the CDC. So, Youngkin's anti-mask order is in violation of existing Virginia laws.
Youngkin, Psaki respond to Northern Va. school systems’ announcements on mask requirements

January 16, 2022

Del. Hope responded to Governor Youngkin's anti-mask executive order for K-12 schools. “We are governed by the Virginia code, ... And the Virginia code states very clearly that school districts should adhere by the CDC’s recommendations.” said, Hope in a chat with WTOP.
The Hill
Psaki claps back at Youngkin over school mask mandates

January 16, 2022

Del. Patrick Hope questioned the legality of Youngkin’s anti-mask executive order for K-12 schools in an interview with WTOP over the weekend. “The governor has no authority to exercise any control over Arlington Public School systems, or any other school system, on this matter, ... The governor's executive order has no authority at all,” said Hope to WTOP.
VA Scope
Guest Op-Ed on ending prison profiteering in Virginia

January 10, 2022

Del. Hope, Sen. Boysko, The Humanization Project, and Social Action Linking Together penned an op-ed about legislation that will be introduced in both chambers of the General Assembly to increase funding to ensure we don’t have to compensate budget shortfalls by overcharging families trying to stay connected to their loved ones.
Falls Church News-Press
Our Man in Arlington

December 24, 2021

On Dec. 17 at the retirement ceremony for Judge George Varoutsos Del. Patrick Hope said, The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court is a “difficult court,” as he read the General Assembly proclamation honoring Varoutsos. His career often consisted, the judge has noted, of dealing with people on their worst days.
Arlington judge lauded for his service to community

December 22, 2021

Del. Hope (D-Arlington) spoke at the Arlington County Justice Center to honor George Varoutsos – a judge of the 17th Judicial District Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court (serving Arlington and Falls Church) since 1998.
Sun Gazette
Sun Gazette endorsements: Arlington legislative races

October 21, 2021

Hope is sober-minded on key issues – like health care and courts/public safety – that deserve seriousness. And as he moves up the rungs of the ladder in the House of Delegates, he might be a voice of moderation if, as we seriously hope, Virginia voters decide that divided government in Richmond is needed to push out the extremes and return to governance that at least feigns putting the interests of the public first.
radioIQ - WVTF
State Psychiatric Hospitals Reopened During The Pandemic But Are Still Full

October 19, 2021

"And so we're now in a crisis situation where while in the past we've always had a shortage of beds the problem is exacerbated by so many people seeking crisis care and needing crisis care."
Ranked-Choice Voting, Redistricting Could Change Next Year’s Ballots

October 7, 2021

n 2020, the General Assembly gave municipalities the go-ahead to use ranked-choice voting locally, effective July 1, 2022. At the request of Del. Patrick Hope (D-47), it granted Arlington the ability to test out the system one year in advance.
Virginia Mercury

Black and low-income Virginians are disproportionately affected by nursing home understaffing

October 7, 2021

Legislators, though, say the urgency has increased over the past year and a half. “I think the dynamics have changed largely because of COVID,” said Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, the chair of the commission.
Virginia Joint Commission on Health Care requests public input on 2022 study topics

October 7, 2021

Commission Chair Del. Patrick Hope (D – Arlington) first discussed conducting a long-term care study, which would focus on assessing the continuum of care that patients receive when moving between different facilities.
Johnson City Press
Arlington NAACP rates county legislative delegation high

September 9, 2021

In addition, NAACP officials singled out Del. Patrick Hope and Sens. Adam Ebbin and Barbara Favola for serving as chief patron of at least one of the bills supported by the civil-rights organization
Columbia Pike Metro Expansion Nixed For Now

September 8, 2021

I’m still waiting for the long-term vision to put Metro on Columbia Pike. The density and the economics for Arlington and Fairfax in Seven Corners and Falls Church are compelling.
WRIC Channel 8 Richmond
Virginia Department of Corrections staff shortage is getting worse and causing safety concerns

August 25, 2021

“I think it is something that has gotten worse and something that the General Assembly needs to commit to taking action to resolve,” Hope said. “I think people like to let them operate with as little money as possible but I don’t think that is the right thing to do.”
WAVY Channel 10
Virginia teachers’ union backs vaccine or testing requirement; New law changes process for student mandate

August 13, 2021

Before COVID-19 was first detected in Virginia, Hope sponsored a bill to remove the General Assembly from the process of adding school vaccine requirements.
Sun Gazette
Arlington legislators win plaudits from conservation group

August 11, 2021

All seven members of Arlington’s delegation to the General Assembly have been named “Legislative Heroes” for their support of the initiatives of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.
EXCLUSIVE: County and State Officials Look to Curb Noisy Cars in Local Neighborhoods

August 5, 2021

The law, sponsored by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), was passed to reduce racial disparities in traffic stops, as some police officers historically used pretextual reasons — such as a loud car or expired tags — to pull over residents and search their cars.
Sun Gazette
At redistricting forum, everyone has an opinion how to draw lines

August 5, 2021

Only one of those lawmakers, Del. Patrick Hope (D-47th), represents Arlington only.
WTVR Channel 6 Richmond
Virginia mother prays more funding will help families facing mental health crisis

August 4, 2021

This special session will address the state hospital issue, but long term we have to plow more resources into the community to make sure people don’t go into crisis in the first place,”
WTVR Channel 6 News Richmond
Her grandson attacked her. Now, she advocates for mental health reform in Virginia

August 3, 2021

"The bottom line is we need more community support than we ever did before," says State Delegate Patrick Hope.
Sun Gazette
Sierra Club approves performance of Arlington legislators

July 19, 2021

The seven members of the Arlington delegation to the General Assembly each earned “A” rankings
WTVR Channel 6 Richmond
Lawmakers' work starts on mental hospital staffing shortage

July 17, 2021

Del. Patrick Hope said he was surprised when admissions were halted and asked if Land had the governor’s approval.
Roanoke Times
State lawmakers begin work on addressing dangerous staffing shortage at state mental hospitals

July 15, 2021

Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, told Land he was surprised by her decision to close admissions at the five hospitals and asked if she had approval from the governor to do it.
Sun Gazette
Could Arlington be carved into three tidy House of Delegates districts?

July 14, 2021

Currently, Arlington is cleaved into four House districts – the 45th, 47th, 48th and 49th – but only one (the 47th, occupied by Democrat Patrick Hope) is entirely in Arlington.
Falls Church News Press
Our Man in Arlington

July 9, 2021

State Del. Patrick Hope presented the museum with a framed copy of the General Assembly’s March 2020 proclamation honoring the 100th anniversary of Arlington’s renaming.
Sun Gazette
Facing GOP opposition in fall, Del. Hope kicks off re-election campaign

June 29, 2021

He’ll be facing his first general-election opposition in six years, but Del. Patrick Hope also is focused on doing his part helping Virginia Democrats keep their statewide majority intact.
Sun Gazette
Hope campaign plans ice-cream social

June 18, 2021

I scream, you scream, we all scream for . . . Del. Patrick Hope?
Sun Gazette
Del. Hope lauded by Va. orthopaedic group

June 18, 2021

The Virginia Orthopaedic Society has named Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) its 2021 Legislator of the Year.
Sun Gazette

June 9, 2021

“We honor Del. Hope for his tireless work to save lives and protect the health of all Virginians,” said Brian Donohue, Virginia ACS CAN government-relations director.
MSN News
How policing laws have changed in the year since George Floyd died

May 25, 2021

“A disproportionate number of people pulled over for minor traffic offenses tend to be people of color. This is a contributor to the higher incarceration rate among minorities,” said Patrick Hope, a Democratic state delegate who sponsored the bill.
Sun Gazette
Legislators choosing up sides in race for attorney general

May 13, 2021

“Working alongside Jay Jones for the last four years, I have seen someone who is dedicated to fighting for justice,” Hope said in a statement released by the Jones campaign in conjunction with the candidate’s rollout of what was touted as a criminal-justice-reform plan.
Sun Gazette
Del. Hope ends up with no intra-party contest

May 6, 2021

Rogers, a political consultant and former legislative aide to a state senator, had announced plans last summer to challenge Hope in the June 8 Democratic primary, but ultimately failed to qualify for the ballot. As a result, Hope moves directly to the Nov. 2 general election.
Sun Gazette
Incumbents have cash-on-hand advantages in legislative races

April 20, 2021

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) ended the first quarter with $120,853 in his campaign account
Sun Gazette
Del. Hope says incumbency gives him effectiveness in Richmond

April 8, 2021

“I’ve passed more legislation than just about any other Democrat,” Hope (D-Arlington) said in April 7 kickoff remarks before the Arlington County Democratic Committee.
Sun Gazette
Del. Hope says incumbency gives him effectiveness in Richmond

April 8, 2021

In launching his bid for a new term, Del. Patrick Hope positioned himself as both a progressive and a pragmatic, ready to use his skills for a seventh two-year term in the lower house of the General Assembly.
Sun Gazette
Ranked-choice voting looks unlikely for 2021

April 2, 2021

The General Assembly members in 2020 approved, and Gov. Northam signed, legislation by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) allowing Arlington to switch to ranked-choice voting for County Board elections.
Inside NOVA
Bill ending parental payments for incarcerated youth signed into law

March 25, 2021

Hope, a Democrat from Arlington, termed the policy “unconscionable,” and said it was it was the only one of its kind within Virginia’s justice system.
Augusta Free Press

Northam signs bill into law eliminating youth incarceration fees

March 24, 2021

Legislation introduced by Arlington Democratic Del. Patrick Hope will end the controversial “pay to stay” anomaly in state law.
WDBJ Channel 7
Gov. Northam signs several new bills into law

March 19, 2021

This measure is identical to House Bill 1913, sponsored by Delegate Patrick Hope.
UVA School of Law
New Clinic Helps Pass Legislation — With Bipartisan Support

March 19, 2021

Freeman helped Del. Patrick A. Hope, a Democrat, pass HB 2165. The bill provides greater protections from tax sales —
STL News
Virginia Governor Northam Signs Key Bills into Law

March 19, 2021

This measure is identical to House Bill 1913, sponsored by Delegate Patrick Hope.
WHSV Channel 3
Governor Northam signs 80 bills into law

March 12, 2021

House Bill 2165, sponsored by Delegate Patrick Hope, allows “heirs property” owners to claim property and provides additional time to pay delinquent taxes.
Inside NOVA
Virginia Hospital Center CEO garners legislative kudos

March 8, 2021

The legislative resolution, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and supported by all members of the county delegation, lauded Cole’s “steady, visionary leadership” over a three-decade career at the hospital.
Blue Virginia
Video: Del. Patrick Hope Explains Why It’s Taking Three Years to Legalize Marijuana in Virginia

March 6, 2021

Why It’s Taking Three Years to Legalize Marijuana in Virginia
Here a Few Bills Introduced by Arlington Lawmakers That May Become Law

March 4, 2021

HB 1911 — This bill from Del. Patrick Hope (D-47) removes the requirement for a corroborating witness for a no-fault divorce to be granted.
Virginia Mercury
Proposals for additional prison oversight fail in Virginia

March 3, 2021

Hope had proposed legislation that would have created an independent ombudsman to investigate complaints and conduct regular inspections of state facilities.
CBS Channel 19 News
Bill decriminalizing jaywalking takes effect

March 1, 2021

"You will no longer be allowed to stop people simply for not crossing the street in a marked interaction," said Delegate Patrick Hope, D-Arlington.
Washington Post
Opinion: Removing mature trees is shortsighted

February 26, 2021

Saving mature trees in this area should be a No. 1 priority for mitigating climate change, storm-water runoff and heat island effects. Virginia Del. Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington) said local jurisdictions are doing the best they can with the laws they have.
Ban on guns in Capitol Square continues to advance in the General Assembly

February 19, 2021

Speaking on a bill that would ban guns in Capitol Square Delegate Patrick Hope said, “You can’t carry guns in a courthouse. You can’t carry guns on airplanes. You can’t carry guns in the U.S. Capitol and starting in July, it’s going to be the law that you can’t carry guns on Capitol Square.”
Virginia Mercury
Virginia might stop seeking child support payments from parents of incarcerated youth

February 15, 2021

Delegate Hope's bill HB 1912 cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and is headed to the Senate Finance Committee. This bill would end the Virginia Department of Social Services from seeking child support payments from parents of juvenile offenders in custody.
Inside NOVA
General Assembly memorializes late Arlington board member Gutshall

February 11, 2021

Delegate Patrick Hope and other members of the Arlington legislative delegation patroned a resolution to memorialize late Arlington board member Erik Gutshall
The Roanoke Times
Rosenfeld: Virginia prisons need oversight

February 10, 2021

House Bill (HB) 2325, sponsored by Delegate Patrick Hope, and heard in the General Assembly this year, would have established an office of independent oversight for VDOC giving both people behind bars and VDOC staff a real avenue to voice concerns and prevent future costly lawsuits from coming out of taxpayers’ pockets. Unfortunately, this bill died in the House Appropriations Transportation and Public Safety Subcommittee
Inside NOVA
Arlington Chamber to host post-session legislative breakfast

February 3, 2021

Delegate Hope and other members of the Arlington legislative delegation will hold a post-session legislative breakfast event on March 18 at 8 a.m. in an online format. For information and registration, call (703) 525-2400 or see the Website at
Morning Notes

February 3, 2021

“This is not the end — only the beginning. Every agency in Va must be transparent and accountable to the public which they serve. We will regroup and come back next session with a bill that prioritizes [Virginia Dept. of Corrections] oversight.”
NBC 29
Amended bill to limit solitary confinement heads to Senate floor

February 3, 2021

In 2018 Delegate Hope introduced House Bill 795 to attempt banning solitary confinement in the commonwealth but it was left in a subcommittee. Yesterday Senator Joseph D. Morrissey's (D-Richmond) Senate Bill 1301, to prohibit solitary confinement in adult and juvenile correctional facilities advanced with a 12-4 vote from the Senate Appropriations and Finance Committee.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Lung Association gives Virginia failing grades on smoking prevention, wants licensing of tobacco products

February 3, 2021

Legislation introduced during the current Virginia General Assembly session by Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would set up a licensing system for selling tobacco products and hemp products. The licensing system would be overseen by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority.
Lawmakers approve Voting Rights Act of Va., marijuana legalization bill clears Senate committee, and a debate over death penalty repeal

February 2, 2021

"Yes, the bill was tabled but I have a firm commitment from the Appropriations Committee to include language in the budget to direct a stakeholder workgroup to prioritize the powers and functions of such an Ombudsman, the costs, and to make recommendations to the General Assembly in November 2021” said Delegate Hope in regards to his own bill, HB 2325.
Blue Virginia
Video: Del. Cia Price, Del. Patrick Hope Slam Far-Right/Extremist Del. Dave LaRock’s “Dangerous,” “False Information” COVID Vaccine Bill, Which Is Then Voted Down 18-3

January 31, 2021

“These are safe and effective vaccines that have been approved under the FDA’s emergency use authorization. So I just want to make that crystal clear, that this COVID vaccine is safe and effective” said, Delegate Patrick Hope in regards to the Covid-19 vaccines currently available in the U.S.
Virginia Mercury
Independent ombudsman proposed for Virginia prisons

January 29, 2021

“They’ll be able to go into a facility and see things before they become problems and fester in civil rights litigation,” said the bill’s sponsor, Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington.
Alexandria Gazette Package
Upcoming Actions on Enhanced Gun Safety Legislation in Virginia

January 22, 2021

Del. Patrick Hope (D-47), who chairs the House Public Safety Committee, said after gun safety bills passed subcommittee today, that on Friday the full committee will be taking up legislation to continue to prevent gun violence.
Here Are a Few Notable Bills Being Introduced By Arlington’s State Lawmakers

January 21, 2021

HB 2164: Introduced by Del. Patrick Hope (47th District), the bill would reinforce the July 2019 law that no one under the age of 21 can purchase tobacco products by further defining them as nicotine vapor products or alternative nicotine products. It’s currently awaiting a vote in the General Laws Committee.
State of Reform
Commonwealth looking to fix COVID-19 vax scheduling problem

January 20, 2021

In response to Delegate Patrick Hope’s question about whether or not the commonwealth was tracking adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine, Virginia secretary of Health and Human Services Daniel Carey said, "that, so far, there have not been reports of fatal anaphylactic reactions in Virginia".
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